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an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of a proenzyme to an active enzyme

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CDK Global has an enormous data ecosystem on which this offering is built that makes Nissan dealers' marketing smarter and more powerful.
The acquisition of DDE, a current CDK global partner program participant, allows CDK to deliver a more robust reporting solution.
In the early 1990s, researchers suspected CDK inhibitors could be used to slow uncontrolled growth in a broad spectrum of cancers.
All doses of alkaloid fraction of leaves of Achyranthesaspera Linn given induced expression of p53 and inhibit production of CDK in protein mammary cancer cells (table 2 and table 3).
Following the construction of a successful 18-inch prototype, in the mid-2000s the CDK design made a debut, albeit briefly, in the commercial arena when Celestron manufacturered a 20-inch version.
The purpose of this visit was to motivate the women to attend ANC and to obtain a CDK from the local health facility.
Both Cdc25 phosphatases seem to function as key regulators of the G1-S and G2-M transitions and of mitosis, to spatially and temporally regulate their respective CDK substrates.
Cell cycle inhibitors are an area of growing interest to the pharmaceutical industry because of the importance of CDK and cyclin drug targets in cancer biology.
Cyclacel Limited, the UK-based biopharmaceutical company, has demonstrated through state-of-the-art biomarker technology that CYC202 (R-roscovitine), its lead CDK inhibitor drug candidate, appears to induce cancer cell suicide or apoptosis in patients receiving the drug.
This gene encodes a protein called cyclin dependent kinase 1, or CDK 1.
The CDK enables game developers to add speech interaction to browser-based games, as well as voice communication during multi-player games.
What separates CDK virtual reality from presentation-style technologies is the degree of interactivity it provides for users.
CDK provides a framework for developing standard interfaces for most VR peripherals so they can be used with our AutoCAD design package," says Ricki Frankel, Autodesk's product manager for the CDK.
The CDI manual asserts that the broader scales, CDA and CDK ".
HOFFMAN ESTATES -- CDK Global, an enabler of end-to-end automotive commerce, has been named the preferred provider in the Nissan Dealer website program for all franchised U.