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Bruheim et al., "CDH11 expression is associated with survival in patients with osteosarcoma," Cancer Genomics and Proteomics, vol.
Normalmente, la cadherina-11 (cadherina-OB o CDH11) se expresa constitutivamente en celulas del estroma y celulas osteoblasticas [44], y su perdida de expresion en cancer de mama y prostata coincide con una mayor invasividad y mal pronostico (tabla 2) [38,45].
In contrast, genes upregulated following LBH589 treatment included markers of osteoblast differentiation (RUNX2, ALPL, BMP4, and SPP1), positive regulators of skeletal and bone development or ossification (TWSG1, SMAD3, TP63, and BMP2), and genes expressed by mature osteoblasts (IL6, LRP5, and CDH11) (Figure 2(c)).
(21) Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of 52 primary ABCs showed that 36 (69%) had CDH11 and/or USP6 locus rearrangement.
All CDH genes (n = 27) screened in this study include CDH1 (E-cadherin), CDH2 (N-cadherin), CDH3 (P-cadherin), CDH4 (R-cadherin), CDH5 (VE-cadherin), CDH6 (K-cadherin), CDH7 (cadherin 7), CDH8 (cadherin 8), CDH9 (T1-cadherin), CDH10 (T2-cadherin), CDH11 (OB-cadherin), CDH12 (N-cadherin 2), CDH13 (H-cadherin), CDH15 (M-cadherin), CDH16 (KSP-cadherin), CDH17 (LI-cadherin), CDH18 (cadherin 18), CDH20 (cadherin 20), PCDHGA12 (CDH21), CDH22 CDH23 CDH24 DCHS1 (CDH19, or CDH25), CDH26 DCHS2 (CDH27), CDHR3 (CDH28), and CDHR4 (CDH29).