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T cell with CD8 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and binds to the infected cell and kill it

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We know from previous studies in non-human primates that CD8 T cells played a crucial role in protecting animals that had been vaccinated with this NIAID/GSK vaccine and then exposed to otherwise lethal amounts of Ebola virus," said Julie E.
Professor Lalvani said that the immune system produces these CD8 T cells in response to usual seasonal flu.
Lalvani said: "The immune system produces these CD8 T cells in response to usual seasonal flu.
Activation of memory CD8 T cells upregulates CD38 expression, which makes it a good marker of cellular activation in this subset.
The subjects taking the combination tonic also showed increased CD69 activation, expressed primarily on CD8 T cells, and to a lesser extent on CD4 T cells and NK cells.
Defective CD8 T cell memory following acute infection without CD4 T cell help.
Aurelian notes that both dl5-29 and Delta PK hike production of a CD8 T cell protein called interferon gamma.
But don't be fooled: the virus is under tremendous selective pressure from the immune system and is trying (and largely succeeding) to stay at least a step ahead of neutralizing antibodies and CD8 T cells (and probably other aspects of the immune response).
As in the study reviewed here, this development and expansion of CD4 and CD8 T cells appears to result in an immune system recovery which may be associated with a lower incidence of opportunistic infections and a longer life expectancy, a clinical benefit that we hope to demonstrate in future large-scale randomized clinical studies.
But, when combined, the virus-specific CD8 T cells and non-neutralizing antibodies cooperatively elicit robust protective immunity.
In this study, the level of CD38 expression, above which CD8 T cells were defined as activated, was not clearly stated.
The researchers traced the immune onslaught to shock troops known as CD8 T cells.
Expansion of pre-terminally differentiated CD8 T cells in chronic HIV-positive patients presenting a rapid viral rebound during structured treatment interruption.
Studies in rhesus monkeys have shown that significant and persistent virus-specific T cell responses can be elicited with vaccines incorporating viral genetic sequences and that these responses are primarily mediated by CD8 T cells.
A new study suggests that it is the quality, not the number, of HIV-fighting CD8 T cells that distinguish rare HIV nonprogressors from progressors.