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a membrane glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of cytotoxic T cells

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female genital tissue) where the infection might start, so that the immune system can generate these CD8 T-cells, travel back to the vaccination site and eliminate any future virus that is encountered.
Por otra parte, la identificacion de la relacion CD4/ CD8 confirma la importancia de este factor como un predictor de progresion de la infeccion.
Supplementary Table S3: correlation between CD8 expression and clinicopathological characteristics in AGC patients.
Aggressive epidermotropic cutaneous CD8 lymphoma: a cutaneous lymphoma with distinct clinical and pathological features: report of an EORTC Cutaneous Lymphoma Task Force Workshop.
Moreover, a correlation between T cell subset frequencies and absolute counts of CD4 and CD8, which are generally observed for disease progress, has been verified.
We observed the following types of reaction: cytoplasmatic/membranous for CD4, CD8, and CD25 and nuclear for Foxp3 (Figure 2).
This deficiency is also found in the blood relatives of patient's with autoimmune disease indicating that the disease process nor the infection are responsible for the shift in CD4/ CD8 ratios and CD8+ T cell deficiency.
Shortman, "CD4 and CD8 expression by dendritic cell subtypes in mouse thymus and spleen," The Journal of Immunology, vol.
CMV seropositivity is also associated with aging of the immune system characterized by dramatic reduction of naive and early memory CD8 T cells and accumulation of CD8+ CD28- and CD27- senescent effector T cells (4).
It is necessary to notice, that increased maintenance of CD16+ lymphocytes was accompanied by decreased maintenance of CD3+, CD4+cells with normal level of CD8 +-lymphocytes.