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a membrane glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of cytotoxic T cells

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CD8 positivity in angiosarcoma of the spleen has also been reported.
Direct observation of the synovium via a confocal microscope clearly demonstrated the colocalization of IL-17 and CD8 in the RA patients (Figure 1), but this was not detected in the OA group.
Activation of memory CD8 T cells upregulates CD38 expression, which makes it a good marker of cellular activation in this subset.
On this measure, Glycyrrhiza increased the total number of all the immune cells ie CD4 T cells, CD8 T cells, B cells, and NK cells.
The normal CD4 and CD8 counts (except for Patient 7, who actually had a low CD8 count) and normal CD4:CD8 ratios found in our eight patients are in sharp contrast to the abnormal numbers and low helper-suppressor ratios that have been reported in other patients with B-CLL in the past (see above).
Indeed, a consensus is that if the immune system is still fairly intact, therapy interruption might indeed boost CD8 T cell responses, which likely contain HIV longer.
Direct comparisons between virus-specific CD4 and CD8 T-cell numbers within individual vaccinees revealed dynamic and independently regulated changes in T-cell memory over time," they wrote.
Monoclonal antibodies CD45, CD3, CD8, and CD45RA, all labeled with fluorescein, were purchased from BD Immunocytometry Systems (San Jose, CA).
The researchers arrived at their conclusions by measuring certain components of CD4 cells and other immune-system cells known as CD8 cells.
CD4 immune cells attack disease-causing intruders, while CD8 cells suppress the attack.
Data from INSPIRE 2 HIV Study Show That CYT107 Administration Can Significantly Expand CD4 and CD8 T-cells with Lower Expression of PD-1 While Increasing the Expression of Gut Homing Molecules That May Result in the Restoration of the CD4 T-cell Population of the Gut Mucosa
Intratumoral administration of ISF35 generated CD8 T-cell-directed anti-tumor immunity in both injected and distal non-injected tumors in mice, with tumor growth inhibition and regression.
They found that those who avoided severe illness had more CD8 T cells, a type of virus-killing immune cell, in their blood at the start of the pandemic.
Findings showed that people with good resistance had more CD8 T cells, a type of immune cell that kills viruses.