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T cell with CD4 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and secretes lymphokines that stimulate B cells and killer T cells

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When misclassification was analysed according to CD4 cell percentage rather than absolute number it became clear that the highest risk of 'true' treatment failure occurred in those with a CD4 cell percentage below 10 (65% had viral load above 400 copies, compared with only 26% of those with a CD4 percentage between 20 and 29).
Two patients in non-IRIS group did not show increase in CD4 cell count rather showed decrease in CD4 cell count at the end of 6 months of HAART initiation.
They are the main targets of HIV which destroys infected CD4 cells leading to an overall weakening of the immune system, said Dr Dilip Mathai, Dean, Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, and former Head of Medicine Department, Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore.
Some studies have also shown that people treated with AZT have smaller increases in CD4 cell count compared with individuals taking alternative NRTIs.
Of the CIN-2+ cases, 2 were CIN-3 (an HIV-infected woman with a baseline CD4 cell count of 350-499 cells/uL, and an HIV-uninfected woman).
3 Recent CD4 cell count of 200 cells/mcL or fewer 2.
A two time-point assessment of the CD4 cells and viral load (baseline and exactly nine days after) revealed that the mean CD4 count of HIV positive patients with CD4 [less than or equal to] 200 cells/[micro]l at 9-day post-treatment visit was significantly lower than the baseline value (a decrease from 180 cells/[micro]l to 120 cells/[micro]l).
The analyses included 635 patients who had a baseline CD4 cell count on March 1, 2000, and at least one clinic visit or hospitalization later in the study period; half were followed up for at least seven months.
However, a recent retrospective review suggested that delaying HAART would, particularly in those with CD4 cell counts<100 cells x [10.
This does not happen with most viruses, because they do not infect the CD4 cell.
The CD4 cell is one of the body's main lines of defence against infectious diseases.
Avexa also reported that the CD4 cell count of ATC treated patients continued to increase out to 48 weeks.
The benefits of HIV therapy were significant at all CD4 cell counts, including above 350 cells/m[m.
The initial sponsor of SILCAAT, Chiron, failed to gain accelerated approval from the Food and Drug Administration (USA) for their subcutaneous recombinant human IL-2 product, Proleukin, on the basis of CD4 cell count changes alone.
3] in HIV-positive adults, data from two studies presented at the conference indicate that waiting until CD4 cell counts decline to that level significantly increases morbidity and mortality, compared with starting treatment when CD4 counts are between 350 and 500 cells/[m[m.