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T cell with CD4 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and secretes lymphokines that stimulate B cells and killer T cells

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The overall CD4+ cell count mean at diagnosis in the whole period was 279 [+ or -] 265.
All patients had received highly active antiretroviral therapy for 2-12 months before seeking oncologic care, with an undetectable HIV RNA and a CD4+ cell count of 4-294x106/L (reference limits 400-1,600x106/L).
Age ≥50 years, HCV-Ab positivity and lower CD4+ cell count (50-199 cells/mm [sup]3 ) were significantly associated with thrombocytopenia.
The mean CD4+ cell count in the AIDS group was 92.9 cells/[micro]l (Table 1).
The relationship of CCR5 inhibitors to CD4+ cell count changes; a meta-analysis of recent clinical trials.
He tested HIV-positive in 1993 (CDC Classification B3), and his CD4+ cell count nadir was 121 cells/[mm.sup.3].
The recommendation is based on a higher observed risk of serious liver toxicity in patients with higher CD4+ cell counts prior to the initiation of therapy.
The Indications and Usage section of the HIV drug's label now recommends against starting nevirapine treatment in women with CD4+ cell counts greater than 250 cells/[micro]L unless benefits clearly outweigh risks.
Before acquiring medical aid from the LifeSense Group in February 2000, the patient weighed only 83 pounds; had a CD4+ cell count of 2 cells/[mm.sup.3] (the normal CD4+ cell count for a healthy adult is between 600 and 1,200 cells/[mm.sup.3]) and a viral count of 760,000 copies/mL (a viral load of 100,000 copies/mL or greater is considered high); and had repeated hospitalization stays for tuberculosis, pneumonia and meningitis.
However, after adjustment for CD4+ cell count and use of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs, all rates were similar for those who had received any drug treatment, any combination therapy or no treatment.
The broadening of coreceptor tropism to include CXCR4 has been correlated with rapid CD4+ cell decline and poor clinical prognosis, but whether X4 tropism is a cause or an effect of disease progression is not known.
Factors associated with short-term changes in HIV viral load and CD4+ cell count in antiretroviral-naive individuals.
A major challenge in resource-limited settings is clinical identification of HIV-infected TB patients with sufficiently low CD4 counts to merit early initiation of ART without the aid of expensive and not readily available CD4+ cell count tests.
Based on the results of a 30-month prospective study, the authors, Marianna Baum, Carlin Rafie, Sabrina Sales, and Adriana Campa, from Florida International University (Miami), Shenghan Lai, from Johns Hopkins University, and John Bryan Page, from University of Miami, Florida, conclude that alcohol has a direct effect on CD4 cells and that the accelerated decline in CD4+ cell counts in frequent alcohol users is not simply due to poorer adherence to ART in this population.
Leukocyte count was 8,600/[micro]L, total lymphocyte count was 1,981/[micro]L, CD4+ cell count was 102/[micro]L, and CD4/CD8 ratio was 0.07.