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a glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of helper T cells

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Pre-emptive antifungal therapy: in adults and adolescents, if blood cryptococcal antigen screening positive among people with CD4 counts <100 cells/[micro]l (where lumbar puncture is negative or not feasible or if lumbar puncture excludes cryptococcal meningitis).
Monoclonal antibodies were labelled three-color surface immunofluorescence, fluorescein isothiocyanate, R-phycoerythrin, and spectral red, for the simultaneous detection of three antigens, CD4, CD8, and CD3 on individual lymphoid cells.
Keith Sigel, principal investigator of the VACS study, (6) suggested two interesting implications of linking a low CD4/CD8 ratio to higher lung cancer risk: (1) low CD4/CD8 ratio may indicate "a persistent immune disturbance that contributes to inflammation or abnormal cancer surveillance" and (2) the CD4/CD8 ratio may be a useful lung cancer risk factor even in people with an apparently normal CD4 count.
Data on HIV infection status and duration, previous and most recent CD4 counts less than 3 months old, and lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical activity were collected from the patients and complemented by recorded parameters from their medical records.
Zanetti, "Tapping CD4 T cells for cancer immunotherapy: the choice of personalized genomics," Journal of Immunology, vol.
The nonparametric statistical Spearman's rho rank correlation test was used to determine the relationship between CD4 and other variables.
The highest incidence of disseminated NTM (5,300/100,000 person-years) occurred in patients with CD4 counts <50 cells/[mm.sup.3] (Table 2).
We also verified the correlation between T cell subset frequencies and absolute counts of CD4 and CD8.
In view of the lack of evidence on the possibility of an economically viable, easy, and readily available biomarker to substitute the traditional role of CD4 counts in HIV disease progression, this study investigated the potential use of BMI, Hb, and TLC as surrogate biomarkers for monitoring HIV disease progression in Ghana.
Idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia and opportunistic infection: An update.
The CD4+ lymphocyte count was quantita- tively grouped as Group 1 with CD4 + lymphocyte count less than 350 cells/mm3 and Group 2 having CD4+ lymphocyte count greater than 350 cells/mm3.
Opportunistic infections like cryptococcus, mycobacteria, pneumocystis carini, candidiasis and cytomegalovirus were reported to complicate idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia (ICL).
HIV-positive 35-year-old men and women in the United Kingdom (Great Britain) can expect to live about as long as people in the general population, if they have a CD4 count* above 200 and a viral load below 400 copies after 1 year of antiretroviral therapy.1 But people with a CD4 count below 200 when they start antiretroviral therapy have a lower expected age at death than people in the general population.