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a glycoprotein that is found primarily on the surface of helper T cells

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The panel of antibodies used was variable, but in all cases we assessed CD2 (clone AB75) and CD25 (clone IL_2R4C9), both from Novocastra-Leica Biosystems (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom).
1997) Superficie rugosa Superficie lisa Exito Fracaso Exito Fracaso 24 0 27 1 No contado Sobreviviente No contado Sobreviviente 6 0 2 0 Tabla 4 Medicion de altura de crestas oseas mesial y distal en implantes de superficie lisa, a 24 meses de seguimiento Superficie Altura Media Desviacion IC95% cresta osea estandar LI LS Lisa CM1 0,44 0,28 0,33 0,55 CM2 1,52 0,70 1,25 1,79 CM3 1,50 0,66 1,24 1,76 CD1 0,40 0,36 0,26 0,55 CD2 1,50 0,67 1,24 1,76 CD3 1,43 0,68 1,16 1,69 CM1-CD1: cresta mesial y distal a 12 meses; CM2-CD2: cresta mesial y distal a 24 meses; CM3-CD3: cresta mesial y distal a 36 meses.
Like many of the other candidates, Sanchez is a longtime community activist in CD2.
Significantly, CD2 of their latest bid for Top Of The Pops features two remixes from Derry outfit Hedrock Valley Beats.
The ongoing open TTS Phase IIa clinical studies of the candidate drug CD2 for renal and pancreatic cancer are going ahead according to schedule.
CD1 is mixed by Andy Whitby and features tracks like BK's Thump, while Anne Savage and Scott Attrill mix CD2 which includes an exclusive album edit of Marco V's Red Blue Purple.
CD1 comprises tracks from various albums, including the latest Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow, then CD2 has the whole of Wings Of Heaven.
CD1 claims to delivers big room trance, characteristic of Armin Van Buuren and Jon O'Bir, while CD2 boasts blissed out grooves.
The release is a package that consists of two 20-track CD's (CD1 on the ABKCO label and CD2 on the Virgin label), an unprecedented joint cooperative venture between The Rolling Stones, ABKCO Records and EMI's Virgin Records in North America, and between The Rolling Stones, ABKCO, Universal Music International and EMI in the rest of the world.
CD1 features vocal, uplifting tracks like Layo and Bushwacka's mix of Lovestory, while CD2 - my favourite - is bursting with the biggest trance numbers to shake the White Isle, like Motorcycle's As The Rush Comes and PVD's For An Angel.
CD1 is 58 seconds too long and all sales may have to be deleted - so we're urging the fans to buy CD2, which is eligible for the charts, instead".
While CD1 turns to the likes of Macy Gray, Otis Reading, Simply Red and Prince to make tribute to that old devil called love, CD2 relies on the sounds of Justin Timberlake, Will Young and Nilsson to help mend a broken heart.