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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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The Spressa system, which incorporates an industry-standard SCSI-2 interface, is itself an excellent double-speed CD-ROM reader.
Another ONYX feature is a front-mounted drive bay where an optional dedicated CD-ROM reader can be installed for those who want the enhanced reading accuracy that such a drive provides.
So the "old" idea of combining read-only and writable sectors has resurfaced to facilitate the rise of e-books, but now it benefits from the new reality that practically every computer has a CD-ROM reader.
Once the OEM price of a CD-ROM reader fell below $50, they were installed as standard equipment in every PC and almost every laptop, but sweet spots don't stay sweet forever.
0 or higher, a hard disk with 5 MB of free space, a CD-ROM reader compatible with Microsoft Extensions (MSCDEX), VGA or better video, and Windows 3.
Connected to the narrow channel is: first, an internal CD-ROM reader, then a CD-ROM Writer, then the cable goes to a 50-pin, high-density SCSI-2 bulkhead connector.
System requirements for using the electronic databases on CD-ROM are an IBM PC-compatible 386 or better with 50 MHz or higher clock speed, a hard disk with 1 MB available, an EGA or VGA video display, 1 MB of RAM, a CD-ROM reader (single speed or better) with Microsoft DOS extensions, an HP Series II-compatible laser printer or better (with at least 1.
1, 4 MB of hard disk space, and a CD-ROM reader compatible with Microsoft Extensions.
Our CD First solution provides electronic access to check images and account information from any desktop PC with a CD-ROM reader, replaces expensive microfilm readers and indefinitely extends online access to these valuable records.
Everyone acknowledged that, once practically every computer had a CD-ROM reader as standard equipment, the killer-app for CD-recordables was file-exchange.
DMP's CheckBOX system is one of the first end-to-end lockbox and remittance processing systems that incorporates CD-based storage and access from any Windows(R) PC with a CD-ROM reader.
Sensing the gap, the audio CD player stops, but the CD-ROM reader can get to the computer file.
DVD-ROM readers are now available for personal computers at prices that are similar to 24x CD-ROM reader.
1 (for the Windows version), a hard disk drive with 4 MB of free space, and a CD-ROM reader compatible with Microsoft Extensions.
CD Workshop works with most of the CD recorders currently on the market and with any SCSI 2 CD-ROM reader, as well as with several models of SCSI 1 CD-ROM reader.