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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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So the "old" idea of combining read-only and writable sectors has resurfaced to facilitate the rise of e-books, but now it benefits from the new reality that practically every computer has a CD-ROM reader.
Whether the application is expanded storage and backup for laptop users, a sharable peripheral for departmental environments, or a CD-ROM reader upgrade for a desktop system, the Multi Shuttle does all that and more.
The SDS-C400/66 and SDS-C400/36 feature one CD-ROM reader and six and three 4X write/6X read CD-R drives, respectively.
Once the OEM price of a CD-ROM reader fell below $50, they were installed as standard equipment in every PC and almost every laptop, but sweet spots don't stay sweet forever.
Connected to the narrow channel is: first, an internal CD-ROM reader, then a CD-ROM Writer, then the cable goes to a 50-pin, high-density SCSI-2 bulkhead connector.
Toray's Phasewriter Dual is based on an innovative technology that combines a 650 MB phase change rewritable (PCR) optical storage drive and quad-speed (4X) CD-ROM reader in a single drive unit.
Our CD First solution provides electronic access to check images and account information from any desktop PC with a CD-ROM reader, replaces expensive microfilm readers and indefinitely extends online access to these valuable records.
Everyone acknowledged that, once practically every computer had a CD-ROM reader as standard equipment, the killer-app for CD-recordables was file-exchange.
In the year 2000, high-density drives are expected to sell 39 million units -- nearly one-third of all worldwide CD-ROM reader sales.
DMP's CheckBOX system is one of the first end-to-end lockbox and remittance processing systems that incorporates CD-based storage and access from any Windows(R) PC with a CD-ROM reader.
In 2000, high density drives are expected to sell 39 million units -- nearly one-third of all worldwide CD-ROM reader sales.
DVD-ROM readers are now available for personal computers at prices that are similar to 24x CD-ROM reader.
Processor (upgrade) $400 $300 486DX4/100 on CLIN 0003 0042AB Iomega 250 Tape Backup Drive w/software $209 $199 90-Day Promotion (2/15/95 - 5/15/95) 0026AA Internal CD-ROM Drive Kit w/Adaptec 1520 $328 $300 SCSI controller and software - supports two drives 0026AB NEC External CD-ROM Reader w/Adaptec 1540 $695 $638 SCSI controller and software - supports two drives
The MediaDock includes a full-size, double-speed NEC CD-ROM reader, four Altec Lansing speakers driven by a power amp, and an audio sub-system that is Sound Blaster(R)- and SoundBlaster Pro-compatible.
The Direct CD-to-CD Copy feature lets the copy function start immediately after a CD-ROM reader starts reading the CD.