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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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The CD-ROM player can play music well, but not the reverse.
0, a 13" or larger color monitor, and a CD-ROM player.
At that time, 8 percent of those polled indicated having access to a CD-ROM player and computer.
CDTV, Commodore Dynamic Total Vision, is a multimedia device incorporating a CD-ROM player and an Amiga computer engine that can display programs on a computer or television monitor, and like CD-I, is controlled by an infrared remote control.
Hardware requirements: Hard disk; CD-ROM player for installation; LAN highly desirable.
To use CD-ROM, you need a CD-ROM player (actually another disk drive), which is a separate piece of hardware costing between $500 and $1,000.
While at Creative Labs, Buchanan introduced the sound card and CD-ROM player to the consumer electronics world, taking Creative Labs to $1.
The piano includes a high speed processor, integrated hard and floppy drives, a CD-ROM player and a modem, with sophisticated digital signal processing electronics -- all in a beautifully designed cabinet.
A "fast" personal computer with a triple-speed CD-ROM player.
The package includes a 5-inch LCD color display and an optional flex mount stalk, a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver, remote controller (for back seat drivers), a compact CD-ROM player that fits under the seat or in the trunk, and all necessary hardware for installation by Santa's helpers, in about two hours.
Among them were Seaborn Beck Weathers, a 49-year-old Dallas pathologist who described himself as a Walter Mitty type (he later lost an arm and the digits of his other hand, to frostbite), and Sandy Hill Pittman, a wealthy New York socialite who arrived with a satellite phone, two computers, a CD-ROM player, an espresso maker and ``stacks of press clippings about herself to hand out to the other denizens of Base Camp.
Available for under $1,000, you can get a starter kit, which comes with a CD-ROM player and software.
The recorded CD-RW media can also be played in a DVD player or multimedia CD-ROM player.
Digital maps provided by Navigation Technologies are stored on CD-ROMs and are retrieved from a special CD-ROM player.