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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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Achieving compatibility between CD-ROM drives and CD-RW media is one of the keys to the success of the CD-R/RW market.
Kenwood 72X TrueX (ATAPI) CD-ROM drives will be available in February at a recommended retail price of $129 before VAT.
Another downside: Because there's nowhere to stash good speakers, even the most advanced multimedia portables with a built-in CD-ROM drive have dreadful sound, a joke compared to desktop models with their relatively beefy soundblasters.
The other is a CD-ROM drive that can write huge amounts of data to a cartridge-based compact disc.
The quadruple-speed drive is among the first CD-ROM drives available that enables full-screen, full-motion video," Brown said.
The Toughbook 37 features a multimedia pocket that holds a 24x CD-ROM drive, as well an optional Super Disk drive, DVD-ROM drive or a 3100mA second Battery Pack.
At $249, the MiniCD Flip is about half the cost of external CD-ROM drives from notebook PC manufacturers.
Corel CD PowerPak responds to the rapidly growing marketplace of home and office users of CD-ROM drives," said Dr.
These new agreements will dramatically increase the availability of Kenwood's revolutionary TrueX(tm) CD-ROM drives and computer speakers.
Nearly 10 percent of all Macintosh users have purchased CD-ROM drives.
Unlike so-called "max" CD-ROM drives that reach top performance only on the outermost tracks of the disc, the Kenwood 52X TrueX CD-ROM, based on TrueX technology from Zen Research, delivers an unprecedented typical transfer rate ranging from 6750 KB to 7800 KB per second across the entire disc.
The company manufactures and markets a broad spectrum of peripheral products, including external, internal and removable disk drives, monochrome and color large-screen monitors, scanners, CD-ROM drives, optical drives, mini-drives and printers.
In fact, you can assign up to 23 active virtual CD-ROM drives on your hard drive - giving you access to as many as 23 CD-ROM applications at one time
In addition, the upgrade includes support for 255 CD-ROM drives and an unlimited number of optical servers on a network, monitoring of up to 100 users and features color graphics support.
Offering further flexibility, CD-RW discs used in the new CD-RW drives can also be read by Micron's DVD-ROM and CD-ROM drives.