CD-ROM drive

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a drive that is connected to a computer and on which a CD-ROM can be 'played'

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It is important that CD images stored on the CD sharing server can be loaded from a CD-ROM drive of any client computer on the network.
The REXAS Super CD-ROM Server base system consists of a seven-CD-Rom-drive tower and a REXAS interface allowing connections of up to 49 CD-ROM drives.
CD-ROM drives: Many laptops now come with slots for CD-ROM drives.
World wide CD-ROM drives sales achieved a fifth straight year of triple digit year sell-through growth according to a recent study published InfoTech, the market research and consultant firm based here.
Tax professionals who want the flexibility to port the CD-ROM drive from one machine to another (e.
If you recently bought a decent audio player for about $200, tack on about four times that price for a CD-ROM drive.
amp;uot;With the Kenwood 72X TrueX CD-ROM drive, users can be assured that they are getting the highest transfer rate attainable in the market today for their graphics-intensive applications such as 3D games, data visualization, desktop publishing, software installation, and digital audio extraction,&uot; said A.
In the ``Gee whiz, I'm glad they thought of this'' department is the long-overdue debut of front panel controls on new Compaq Presario desktop PCs that make possible ``one touch'' playback of CD music through the CD-ROM drive, easy speakerphone operation or instant access to messages from the PC's built-in answering machine.
Samsung has added the CD-ROM drive to its storage line to meet the growing consumer demand for running CD-based software and entertainment titles on their multimedia PCs.
Armed with this information, they then should be better prepared to buy the CD-ROM drive that best meets their requirements.
The most intriguing feature of the 9240 is the writeable CD-ROM drive, called a "PD-CD" drive by its maker, Panasonic.
3-inch XGA active matrix LCD display, a 366MHz Mobile Pentium II processor and a standard modular CD-ROM drive that can be swapped with a floppy drive.
The Toughbook 37 features a multimedia pocket that holds a 24x CD-ROM drive, as well an optional Super Disk drive, DVD-ROM drive or a 3100mA second Battery Pack.
Micron ClientPro Cs systems with the new Pentium III processor running at 600 MHz will include 512K of cache, 128MB 100MHz SDRAM, a 13 GB hard drive, a 3Com 3c905 10/100 network interface card, a 40X (40X max speed, 17X min speed) CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Windows NT(R) Workstation 4.