CD-ROM drive

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a drive that is connected to a computer and on which a CD-ROM can be 'played'

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Sustained throughput, which for a typical fast CD-ROM drive, is no better than 4MB/sec, compared to 12MB/sec to 40MB/sec for a fast magnetic drive.
For example, a single bay (a large slot inside the computer) can handle a spare battery, a floppy drive, a hard drive or a CD-ROM drive.
That CD-ROM drive sales have better than doubled for five straight years underscores the fact that CD-ROM is now the preferred delivery vehicle in application and operating system software as well as multimedia entertainment and reference titles.
There are at least three ways to connect a CD-ROM drive to a PC.
May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- With today's introduction of a full-featured quadruple-speed (4X) CD-ROM drive kit, Sony Electronics Inc.
With a CD-ROM drive, you could listen to music while crunching numbers for a major report.
The Kenwood 72X TrueX CD-ROM drive delivers an unparalleled sustained transfer rate ranging from 6.
For running multimedia programs, you'll want a 4X to 8X CD-ROM drive with stereo speakers.
The other was the 9240, with a 133-megahertz chip, the writeable CD-ROM drive and a 1.
Gateway's quadruple-speed CD-ROM drive features 600KB per second data transfer rate, 250ms access time and 128KB of cache.
Many key components including LCD panels, Lithium Ion batteries, DVD and CD-ROM drives and board-level electronics are the products of Panasonic's own leading-edge manufacturing divisions.
Headphones that can be attached directly to the CD-ROM drive, eliminating the need for expensive sound cards.
Micron ClientPro Cs systems with the new Pentium III processor running at 600 MHz will include 512K of cache, 128MB 100MHz SDRAM, a 13 GB hard drive, a 3Com 3c905 10/100 network interface card, a 40X (40X max speed, 17X min speed) CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Windows NT(R) Workstation 4.
NASDAQ: AAPL) today introduced a new CD-ROM drive, the