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Panasonic backs the Big 5 CD-ROM changer with a two-year limited warranty.
The software bundle-which now includes a five-disk business and residential telephone directory-will be offered with each pioneer DRM-624X CD-ROM changer.
The company will be lowering the suggested retail price of the 6-Pack CD-ROM changer from $795 to $495 by this month.
The five-disc CD-ROM changer will be available in May at a suggested retail price of $899.
MicroPatent also offers users Pioneer's DRM 604X six-disc CD-ROM changer for an additional one-time cost of $995.
has begun marketing the "World Class Bundle," a system comprised of the DRM-602X six-disc CD-ROM changer and a collection of basic reference materials on compact disc.
Pioneer invented the world's first DVD-Recordable drive, DVD library, multiple-disc CD-ROM changer and offered the first multifunction optical drive capable of reading and writing to both MO and WORM.
This network-ready CD-ROM cache changer combines a network interface, a six-disc CD-ROM changer and hard drive caching in a single, compact device.
Between February and March 1997, PNT was requested to provide quotes for CD-ROM changers, which can store and search fingerprint and other image data, Pioneer said.
World's first technologies introduced by Pioneer include recordable DVD-R drives, multiple-disc CD-ROM changers, mass storage DVD libraries, multifunctional optical drives capable of reading and writing to both M-O and WORM and combination DVD/CD recordable drives.
CD-ROMs are loaded into 5-disc CD-ROM changers and then cached onto the built-in hard disk storage for fast access.
During the last two years products such as CD-ROM changers and portable units have emerged.
With the ever increasing availability of ready reference titles, even home users will demand such CD-ROM changers - at a reasonable price - to hold several discs on tap.
The types of drives that can be attached to a CD-ROM server include 6-, 18-, 1 0-, or 500-disc CD-ROM changers (jukebox approach), or seven-bay (drive) towers.