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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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South central Minnesota independent ag retailer Darrick Wegner also used the CD-ROM last spring to target 2005 seed sales for Tilney Ag Center in Lewisville.
(Note: You must first drill two 1/2" holes in CD-ROM.)
ISBN: 0-929316-15-0 (Information Requirements Clearinghouse) CD-ROM (includes one annual update), 1999 Catalog No.
Teachers were also trained in using various educational software, such as Kidspiration and multimedia storybook CD-ROMs.
The web address for details concerning the purchase of the Federal Catalog System CD-ROM is
CD-ROMs pose a different challenge because you first must identify all the publications on the disk.
The Interactive Video CD-Rom is crammed with the sights and sounds of the Harp Lager Belfast Giants' success story throughout 2001 and 2002.
A tour of Canada's newest territory is now just the click of a mouse away, thanks to the recent release of a CD-ROM entitled Nunavut Territory, Canada.
The CD-ROM contains data not only for outsized/overweight equipment but also all Class 7 items from the Equipment Characteristics Master File owned by Forces Command and maintained by the Transportation Engineering Agency.
For a fraction of the cost of an expensive enterprise hardware-based CD-ROM server, private users can create their own virtual CD-ROM Pro-server system which simultaneously accesses up to 20+ CDs.
So the "old" idea of combining read-only and writable sectors has resurfaced to facilitate the rise of e-books, but now it benefits from the new reality that practically every computer has a CD-ROM reader.
Each year the Blue Book is also offered on CD-ROM. State of the art capabilities for cross referencing, indexing and searching regular Blue Book listings and more.
Collection development has become exponentially more complex due to the gradual emergence over the last one and one-half to two decades of new technologies and formats including, but not limited to, CD-ROM, electronic serials, electronic books, the Internet, and the Word Wide Web.