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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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Corrugating Defect/Remedy Manual, Sixth Edition, Book & CD-ROM
The SAO retain two copies of the CD-ROM for occasional in-house use and send four copies to the host nation training point(s) of contact.
And the unsinkable Shari Lewis brings her puppetry to ``Lamb Chop Loves Reading,'' a CD-ROM due for kiddies 3 to 6, with learning games, activities and several of Father Aesop's fables.
This will be addressed later; for now, consider the following in analyzing the results of a CD-ROM search request:
The following review of the currently available, or forthcoming, CD-ROM databases is divided into these groups.
4) When used without the corresponding hard copy counterpart, CD-ROM materials represent a significant savings in library costs (in terms of space saved and lack of need to file paper updates); the major vendors usually provide new discs each month.
Add a sound board, speaker system and CD-ROM drive to your computer and you have entered the wonderful world of multimedia.
RFM allows a publisher to move beyond "ink and paper" to offer their readers a CD-ROM filled with video and audio content that reflect the magazine's editorial mission.
Today, CD-ROM software includes tax research-based products that require search software; some of the software is user-friendly and may soon be available in Windows interfaces.
Macrovision has significantly raised the threshold needed for a viable CD-ROM copy protection solution," said Brian Dunn, senior vice president, computer software copy protection, Macrovision Corporation.
A "stack" of CD-ROM drives would be needed to search through more than one CD; otherwise, one has to "swap" discs, much in the same manner as with floppies, thereby losing the benefit of a networked arrangement.
technologies, announced today that its SafeDisc(R) PC CD-ROM copy protection solution has been licensed to over 100 mastering and replication facilities worldwide, making SafeDisc the most widely supported technology and the de facto standard for CD-ROM copy protection for consumer software and information publishers in the global market.
Now fans eager for a second dose of Millionaire fever can enjoy even more excitement with "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire CD-ROM 2nd Edition.
FWB's Hard Disk ToolKit(TM) and CD-ROM ToolKit(TM) Disk Management Solutions Selected as "Best of Breed" from over 16,000 Mac(R) Products