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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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The format's high capacity and data transfer rate has the potential to expand existing CD-R applications in two dimensions: faster information flow (i.e., higher quality video), as well as significantly more data on each volume.
DVD-R is the next logical step forward from the very successful CD-R format in applications that benefit from write-once security, but inevitably require more capacity.
By instantaneously switching on the CD-R, the sound was more stable on the Technics.
With well over one hundred record changes required to make the CD-R's amidst the numerous combinations of turntables, cartridges, and preamps, I would have given up on this survey had it not been for the Technics.
CD-R testing on headphones surprisingly showed the addition of the fluid damper while a measurable phenomenon was not audible.
The fundamental technology employed is similar to that used by CD-R, except that data is written at a higher rate and density.
lDVD-R, like CD-R, uses a constant linear velocity rotation technique to maximize the storage density on the disc surface.