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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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Since CD writers are generic to almost every notebook and laptop computer (internal or external), and the media is almost as economical as paper, CDs provide an excellent backup and recovery medium for mobile users.
The EL6119C is positioned for the medium-performance (4X DVD, and 32X CD writer specifications) and fast DVD/CD laser driver products market.
So if you have a problem with your PC, your CD Writer refuses to burn or your OS is playing up, nip into UK Computing Chat - or your ISP's equivalent - and see if they can help.
Criminals can make dozens of copies of original software in a matter of hours using a home computer fitted with a CD writer.
WHETHER you want to make your own CDs or simply back up important files, a CD writer is the cheap, easy solution.
Included are a 6 megapixel color digital camera, a new high-speed thermal printer, and a new desktop CD writer, among others.
One answer is to buy a CD writer that lets you "record" your spare files on to a CD.
Some additional features include: Voodoo Edge mousing surface, Voodoo ENVY u:909 Performance Motherboard, Voodoo Internal Digital Card Reader 4-in-1, 8X ENVY DVD+-RW Dual Layer Slot-Load DVD & CD Writer, Voodoo ENVY u:909 8 Channel Audio System and ENVY Theaterbook Immersive Subwoofer.
If you want to store your documents away from the computer or send them to others a CD writer drive will be an invaluable addition.
The PIW 6600 will employ a scanning system, an automated disc loading device and the Kodak PCD Writer 600 -- a high-speed writer that is three times faster than Kodak's current CD writer.
Joe Gersch, Vice President, Product Delivery - Retired from Hewlett-Packard with 24 years R&D experience on such significant products as HP OpenView, HP Smart Card Center, HP Enterprise Networking and Security, HP Engineering Workstations, CD Writer, Tape Storage Products, and HP UX.
an award-winning, innovative leader in optical drive design and manufacturing, today announced its new 52X32X52X CD writer -- the CDRW5232 Chameleon -- an ultra-fast CD writer with quick-change color bezels.
The new models now come standard with a DVD+RW/CD-RW drive (DVD writer and CD writer combo drive), providing increased storage options and advanced viewing capabilities.
Archos CESAR CDRW/MPM, the world's smallest and most portable CD writer that lets users make CDs on the move, has been introduced by Archos Technology, and includes mastering software for the PC and Mac.
These days, cheap CD writers and music sequencing software mean that just about anyone can record their own music and burn off a few copies.