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a compact disc on which you can write only once and thereafter is read-only memory

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Used in conjunction with CD writers and CD media, the software provides the added level of data protection people need as they extend their work hours and work environments.
Our EL629X family is positioned for high-performance DVD/CD writer applications with 8X DVD and 48X CD writer specifications in the PC data storage market," said Mohan Maheswaran, vice president and general manager of Intersil's Elantec Product Group.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-29 June 2001-HP ordered to pay royalties on CD writers sold in Germany (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
an award-winning, innovative leader in optical drive design and manufacturing, today announced its new 52X32X52X CD writer -- the CDRW5232 Chameleon -- an ultra-fast CD writer with quick-change color bezels.
The new models now come standard with a DVD+RW/CD-RW drive (DVD writer and CD writer combo drive), providing increased storage options and advanced viewing capabilities.
Archos CESAR CDRW/MPM, the world's smallest and most portable CD writer that lets users make CDs on the move, has been introduced by Archos Technology, and includes mastering software for the PC and Mac.
These days, cheap CD writers and music sequencing software mean that just about anyone can record their own music and burn off a few copies.
POLICE FOUND:6 computer tower units 1 lap-top computer 7 printers 1 portable DVD player 5 CD writers 1 DVD writer 1 scanner 6 video recording machines 3 DVD players/recorders
Access to Technology, Computers, monitors, printers, CD writers etc will be provided for those who have no access at present.
Also seized were 19 CD writers, 11 DVD writers and 15 video recorders, all of which were ready to produce thousands of pirate copies.
A computer system, 10 CD writers and nearly 1,500 master copies of PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast and PC games and software were also seized.
Rosenbaum's letter to the editor accusing CD writers Herman and Petras of spreading anti-semitic conspiracy theories by referring to "Jewish money" and "the Israeli lobby and its powerful Jewish allies.
Storing The e-documents is now quite easy, with the availability of CD writers and re-writers.
Several people are now being questioned about the haul, which included computer monitors and CD writers.
This quarterly segment update covers CD Writers, DVD-ROM, internal DVD writers, external DVD Writers, Blu-Ray Writers and Blu-Ray Readers