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a stand-alone piece of electronic equipment that either has its own display or attaches to a television set

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com)-- Car CD players would be replaced by DVD players in ten years according to car parts store Autoyet.
Driver's preferences are changing and that is fact, but maybe it is just a little early to put the pieces in place to pull the plug on the dear old CD player.
The CD player and the tax disc were taken and the offender fled.
Fortunately, there are now CD players that will do this.
Jim Babb, a spokesman for Circuit City, said, "We are seeing clock radio functionality being built into CD players, home theater systems and cordless phones.
The damage caused and the theft of the CD player are costing me pounds 500, so when people are buying from these thieves they are getting a bargain off the backs of working people.
It went surprisingly well, although I had to unplug the old CD player to have a connection for the new hardware.
Other Pioneer minisystems include the IS21T, with a vertical CD player, separate amplifier and cassette deck; the NS1, with a vertical CD player that opens with the wave of a hand; and the MT2000 micro system.
At any rate, listed below are several CD player and DAC models in ascending order of price.
CD-ROM: Most new computers come with a CD-ROM drive that acts like a CD player.
The personal CD player features 60-second motion proof shock protection, CD/CD-R/RW playback, LCD display, dual headphone inputs, and a base boost; includes one set of stereo wrap-around headphones; requires two "AA" batteries (not included).
A man battered his drinking pal with a chair leg after he was accused of stealing his CD player.
Hahn helped collect nearly $200 in donations, used to buy a portable CD player with headphones, a boombox CD player and four CDs, including the movie soundtracks to ``Shrek 2'' and ``The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
The CID-502, which shipped to retailers for Father's Day, combines a CD player, clock radio and corded phone featuring a caller identification function.
The least expensive technology available in most homes is the CD player and its derivatives.