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a stand-alone piece of electronic equipment that either has its own display or attaches to a television set

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Press play and record and enjoy your new CD or any CD player
Just press the relevant button on the CD player itself and the music moves on.
They charged the man with the theft, returned the CD player to the rightful owner and also found the man in possession of a watch and a Tom Tom sat nav system that were also believed to have been stolen.
* Toyota Innova G4 2006 model black colour, 52,000 kms, CD player, alloys, Phone 9250055410
The Studio also offers body colour rear spoiler, front and rear bumpers and tailgate handle, tinted glass, twin chamber halogen reflector headlights with black bezel, reach-and-rake steering wheel adjustment, Ford EasyFuel System plus CD player with remote audio controls and AUX sockets.
Lego Boombox with CD Player, was pounds 49.99, now pounds 44.99,
FORD are to stop putting a CD player in their latest models.
It was alleged that the Liverpool captain launched the assault on businessman Marcus McGee, 34, after he refused to hand over control of a CD player at a bar last year.
A CAR thief broke into a vehicle and stole a CD player and a tax disc from inside.
The team placed these discs in a CD player to which the researchers had added sensors that could detect changes in the intensity of light transmitted through the dots as they were scanned by the player's laser.
O2Micro International Limited (Nasdaq:OIIM) (SEHK:0457), a supplier of power management and security components and systems, reported on 25 January that its Low-Power Audio CD Player invention has received 10 claims under US patent number 7,130,930.
A large percentage of pedagogical music is considerably different from the music students listen to on the radio, television, CD player or in the movie theater.
Or try the full-size Armana Luxury, with options such as Blaupunkt CD player and MP3 adapter ($6,290) or color liquid crystal display CD-DVD player ($6,790).
Almost two months later, he sold the first stolen CD player.
For us audiophiles that have huge CD collections, we're in it for the long haul, and most don't think twice about using a single-disc dedicated CD player. In spite of the mass-market trends, many high-end manufacturers have come to realize that audiophiles want this type of player.