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a drive that reads a compact disc and that is connected to an audio system

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The CD drive on this console was to be its main feature.
After installing the new CD drive, I recorded some files onto a rewriteable disk and was able to open them up again from the disk.
CDRoller utilizes a proprietary driver to access the CD drive directly, bypassing the Windows File System.
Memorex Products, the Santa Fe Springs, California-based supplier of optical storage media, computer peripherals and accessories, has launched what it claims to be the fastest rewritable CD drive on the market, the CD-RW6424.
Fatal1ty GameDrive Pro supports more PC games than any other CD drive emulator, including such titles as PainkilleR, Quake4, Doom, Unreal2004, Madden 2006, Dungeon Siege, Sacred Gold and Advent Rising.
Russinovich also discovered that traditional methods of uninstalling the software did not work, and actually disabled his computer's CD drive when he did try to manually delete the files.
These files can optionally reside on a hard drive, CD drive or SD card.
The CD player technology, consisting in part of a CD drive that reads MPEG Layer-3 (MP3) compressed digital audio data recorded on a CD, and an integrated circuit chip which decompresses the data and produces a non-compressed audio output, is commonly found in DVD and CD players.