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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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Amalou, premier auteur algerien ayant retranscrit ses oeuvres litteraires en braille, a expose un fonds documentaire constitue d'ouvrages en braille et de CD audio dont les titres des musiques sont inscrits en braille sur la jaquette.
CD Players capable of only CD Audio must play CD Audio on CD-R and CD-RW discs.
CD audio files are about 10 million bytes (digits) of data per minute of music.
On the plus side, these CDs can be played in any CD audio player, and the medium is relatively inexpensive, at $4 to $8 a disc.
The idea of putting CD audio and CD-ROM (computer) data on the same disc is not new.
So, at 150 Kbps, the standard transfer rate for a CD audio file would take a couple of minutes to transfer data to a 10 MB file.
RS-232C Interfaces - Enables connection to a touch screen, computer or custom control device for maximum control of the player and playback of DVD Video, Video CD and CD audio discs via two RS-232C connectors;
DVDPlus(c) delivers DVD video, DVD audio, CD audio, and interactive CDROM/Internet applications and content, all on one disk.
RCA RS2100 Bookshelf Audio System with "Rip & Go" Functionality: This 160-Watt bookshelf audio system with 5-CD changer features easy "Rip&Go" functionality to transfer CD audio at 2X "ripping" speed to a 256MB RCA flash mp3 player (included with the system) via USB port.
OTTAWA -- Corel Corporation today announced that it has expanded its relationship with Navarre Corporation, a publisher and distributor of home entertainment and multimedia products including PC software, CD audio, DVD video, VHS video, video games and accessories to more than 18,000 retail and distribution center locations nationwide.
8V) supply voltages and flatness making it ideal for use in low distortion audio paths for MP3 players, cell phones and CD audio devices.