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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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Recently, Rolling Stone magazine reviewed the new CD audio system and wrote, "This may not be the first satellite radio boom box, but it's the first one that makes sense" (May 2004).
CD Players capable of CD Audio and CD-Text must play CD Audio and CD-Text on CD-R and CD-RW discs.
With multiple options at your fingertips such as 30 AM/FM presets, an independent alarm/sleep function for CD/MP3/AM/FM and playback repeat functions, the compact Delphi CD Audio System can be used almost anywhere the listener wants to enjoy quality music entertainment.
Americana's CD audio book rental program has modified its rental pricing structure so truckers can rent three titles for $21.
Navarre Corporation (Nasdaq: NAVR) is a publisher and distributor of a broad range of home entertainment and multimedia products, including PC software, CD audio, DVD and VHS video, video games and accessories.
Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer George Lovato said the CD audio book rental program will be launched first.
03 ohms, making it ideal for use in low distortion audio paths found in MP3 players, advanced cell phones and CD audio devices.
announced that on February 17 they completed the formation of their joint venture to establish one of North America's largest independent CD-ROM and CD audio producers.
We will begin adding our current library of HD video concerts to our new CD audio division late this quarter," stated Mr.
Offering three views for operation, including iconic, CD Audio includes a database for CD titles, and several CD control features, including the ability to record sound clips and save them as .
CDS-300 is transparent across CD, DVD and PC audio systems, and provides the same high standards for CD audio quality adopted by worldwide manufacturers and preserves 100% of the audio fidelity (16-bit/44.
It has applications for MIDI music, for digital (wave) audio and CD audio.
SunnComm's MediaMax suite of products delivers security for digital CD audio along with an enhanced consumer experience that provides additional bonus content and value-added features available in a user-friendly multi-media session.