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any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies)

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Commercial success of marketed CD antigen cancer therapeutics shows that they would be generating significant revenues in coming years.
Numerous innovative CD antigen cancer therapeutics are at different stages of clinical trials which would increase their market shares.
Nomenclature & Classification of CD Antigens - Mechanism of CD Antigen Cancer Therapeutics - Cancer CD Antigen Therapy Market Overview - Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase - Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors Clinical Pipeline: 207 Drugs - Marketed Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors: 27 Drugs - Majority of Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors in Preclinical Phase: 70 Drugs - Cancer CD Antigens Clinical Pipeline Dominated by CD20 Antigen: 44 Drugs - Cancer CD Antigens Clinical Pipeline is Represented in 52 Graphs & Charts
Aberrant expressions of CD antigens have been found mainly in acute but also in chronic leukemias.
Under the agreement, BioSource has exclusive marketing rights to a number of cell lines used in production of reagents and test kits for detecting various CD antigens and non-exclusive rights to purchase other cell lines already developed by the clinic.