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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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The 10/100 Mbps Ethernet adapter cards eliminate bottleneck issues associated with CD ROM networking and provide added flexibility for network administrators.
This system utility package provides a detailed, graphical display of system performance, including individual CD ROM drive performance and usage statistics.
With the CD Net 800 Series, the Novell administrator can configure and access CDs as dedicated, peer-to-peer appliances or optionally as a CD ROM subsystems under the control of a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM), such as Meridian's CD Net for NetWare," said Jeff Hill, product manager at Meridian Data.
CD Net Tools and CD Net Tools Pro augment our premier Windows-based CD ROM management applications, differentiating Meridian from other providers," said Bill Etheredge, vice president of sales at Meridian Data.
The applications provide a single control point for CD ROM resources across multiple servers and allow an unlimited number of CD volumes to be mapped to one or more user desktop drive letters.
Meridian's industry-leading CD Net integrated network servers provide a secure, contaminant-free environment for controlling and accessing CD ROM resources.
This multimedia kit includes Aztech's quad speed CD ROM drive, stereo amplified speakers and a complete selection of eight hot titles and multimedia software, such as Microsoft Works and Microsoft Encarta.
Subtitled, "A Visual Plant Identification System," this CD ROM incorporates a key plant identification system that permits easy identification of the flowers.
Toast supports a wide variety of formats including Macintosh HFS, ISO 9660, CD ROM XA, Mac/ISO Hybrid, Genetic, Generic XA, Mixed Mode and Audio.