coronary care unit

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a hospital unit specially staffed and equipped to treat patients with serious cardiac problems

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Last year, Daly became the latest officer to accuse Police Scotland's CCU of victimisation after lodging a complaint.
aeruginosa (Figure 4, Tables 3a and 3b): Amikacin susceptibility was maintained throughout the study period in inpatient isolates whereas there was a 20% reduction in CCU isolates (87% to 66%).
45 ACP or whatever, most will fit the CCU you purchase.
Twenty-three of 44 smokers not referred for ongoing smoking cessation support were in CCU less than 24 hours.
The report highlighted that CCU could be profitable with short payback times on investment.
CosmoCom now permits users to connect into the CCU via their wireless devices.
Y se rumorea la idea de acuerdos de licencias con cerveceras como SABMiller", dice un ejecutivo que distribuye algunos productos de CCU, quien agrega que podria llevar a Chile cervezas colombianas de Bavaria.
CCU was a strategic asset for foreign brewers like A-B and Heineken, since it holds 90 percent of the domestic Chilean market.
In the intervention trial, HDPI use did not affect CCU utilization (odds ratio 1.
Studies have shown that only about one-third of people referred to the CCU actually have had a heart attack.
The Amendment is expected to become effective concurrently with the closing of an offer to exchange a portion of the term loans under the cash flow credit facilities for new debt securities to be issued in a private placement by CCU.
The CCU up-scales HD content to 4K (38402160) and provides a 12G-SDI output in addition to a quad-Link 3G-SDI.
A long-time break out market where the three subscribers don't include the usual two: CCU & CMLS.
Citing Chilean newspaper La Segunda, the Dow Jones news wires reported that the securities regulator agreed to allow Heineken to buy shares of Compania Cervecerias Unidas SA, or CCU, in which A-B owns 20 percent and is the second largest shareholder.