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a unit of traffic intensity in a telephone system

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Cases are assigned to CCS teams, which include at least one agent and one detective.
Under the terms of the agreement, Cisco and CCS will jointly provide managed telecommunications services, such as network operation and administration, to enterprise customers in China.
That is why we require new clients to implement supporting technology like Landslide to help salespeople apply the CCS methodology and realize immediate value from the CCS workshop.
CCS specializes in delivering analytics, business intelligence, and sales and service solutions including, but not limited to, customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, revenue generation, and operational efficiencies.
Chris Kiminas and Mike Mozenter, managing partners, BizLogx, are implementing CCS Landslide(TM) to gain a better understanding of how it will benefit their clients.
Raymond James served as investment banker for KRG, and Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP served as legal counsel to both KRG and CCS.
Following receipt of the claim, CCS immediately contacts the insured to verify the correct make and model of the equipment.
CCS serves a number of clients with professional and technical consulting services across many industries including relationships with Wells Capital Management, J.
Because of the proven track record of these two companies, CCS can quickly launch and support a broader product and service offering, thereby marketing to a wider base of customers," said Mr.
About CCS Medical -- Founded in 1994, CCS Medical has become a leading direct-to-consumer provider of medical supplies to patients suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes and COPD.
The MPLS patient base, growth strategy and operations are very similar to CCS Medical's," said Mark King, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KRG Capital.
Curative expects to fund the purchase price, repayment of certain existing indebtedness of CCS and related fees and expenses with $165 million of senior unsecured notes to be issued through a private placement.
CCS is a leader in Canadian oil and gas field services based out of Calgary, operating since 1984.
ImageWare's CCS is a comprehensive digital booking, investigative and identification solution that enables law enforcement organizations to capture, store and retrieve criminal mug shots, images and data.