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an agency in the Department of Defense that is a national center for research on all aspects of injury control and casualty care

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With MoneyGauge, prospective residents who visit a CCRC's website can learn within two minutes whether they potentially have the financial means to live within that community.
The board cautions the company's shareholders and others considering trading in its securities that the board just received the preliminary non-binding proposal from Wang and Cornerstone, and no decisions have been made by the Independent Committee with respect to CCRC's response to the proposal.
He was at the High Court in London yesterday to hear his barrister make submissions to Lady Justice Sharp and Mr Justice Sweeney on why the CCRC's "flawed" decision should be quashed.
Over the past couple of decades, refundable entry fees have become a popular choice for those who like the peace of mind offered by a CCRC but want to know that they or their estate will get back some portion of the entry fee if they move out or die.
Representatives of Westport Holdings Tampa L.P., the partnership that controls the CCRC, were not immediately available to comment on the suspension orders.
Will future CCRC locations reflect the current trend of urban homesteading?
The referral follows a 10-month investigation by the CCRC which said it has set out its reasons for yesterday's decision in a 49-page document which will not be released to the public.
"The university's student law office, which undertakes pro bono work, has also worked with the CCRC on criminal appeals, so with this combined experience the law school was keen to submit a response during the committee's public consultation on the organisation.
The former detective persuaded the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to investigate Moore's conviction in 2009.
Fewer people realize that another option is to join a continuing care retirement community, or CCRC. More than a quarter-million Americans age 62 and older live in a CCRC, but the concept is less well known in New Hampshire.
Kent Police and the Criminal Cases Review Commission's (CCRC) said they would not re-open an investigation into Michael Stone's conviction without new evidence.
Jeb Bush proposed closing all three CCRC offices and replacing them with private attorneys from a statewide registry list that provided counsel when a CCRC office had a conflict of interest.