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an antineoplastic drug often used to treat brain tumors or Hodgkin's disease

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Literature Review Author Chemotherapy Radiation Surgery Regimen for PNET for PNET for PNET Barasch [1] none 41Gy none Brustle [2] type not 50Gy none specified none 79Gy none type not 30Gy none specified Chan [4] vincristine, none complete lomustine, and resection prednisone Chan [5] none 36Gy with none 54 Gy boost none 54Gy none Chen [6] not specified none subtotal resection Dorfmuller [7] type not dose not none specified specified Hader [8] none none complete resection not specified none subtotal resection procarbazine, none subtotal CCNU, vincristine resection (PCV) pcv none subtotal resection Mackenzie [11] none none subtotal resection Sedney bevasizumab and 12.
51,52) El esquema de quimioterapia PVC (Procarbazine, CCNU y Vincristine) ha sido utilizado en pacientes con gliomas de alto grado; este esquema de quimioterapia ha mostrado una sobrevida a 6 meses del 29 al 38% y del 18 al 31% a un ano pero la toxicidad hematologica se eleva hasta el 25.
As the court mentioned in CCNU, (209) classifying a work as 'made for hire' determines not only the issue of initial ownership, but also other issues such as the copyright duration, the owner's renewal rights, termination rights, (210) and the right to import certain goods bearing the copyright.
Chemotherapy regimen of the subjects varied according to the diagnosis of children which comprised BFM-95 (Berlin-Frankfurt-Munsten-95), ABVD (Adriamycine-Bleomycine-Vinblastine-DTIC), carboplastine, vincristine, CCNU and/or VP-16 agents.