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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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After completing the required conditions during the commissioning process to have both CCD thickeners working, the plant started operations on schedule.
CCD has an impressive track record in psychiatric trials, and we see it as an ideal partner as we continue to expand our operations.
The preparation for a complaint to the CCD should include the following:
For the last 3 years, self-reported surveys of beekeepers have found that winter colony losses have averaged about 30 percent, with around one-third of those losses ascribed to CCD, according to Jeff Pettis, research leader of the Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, who heads up the Agricultural Research Service's CCD research effort.
The underlying goals of these pioneering efforts to pay for CCD are twofold: (1) to adequately cover the cost of providing CCD and (2) to align incentives with the delivery of CCD in a way that leads to better outcomes.
Neither of these approaches is optimal; in using CCD arrays, the quality of each part of the picture can vary with the quality of the CCD, as each CCD might have been manufactured under slightly different conditions.
The second introduced a commercial system using two CCD cameras, and the deformation of the sidewall in the dynamic regime was determined.
Jaime Gomez, the CCD is much more sensitive than a diode array, and it can capture a signal with very little illumination--such as inside an operating extruder.
La version de alta resolucion, el Super CCD HR, incorpora un total de 6.
Previous recipients of the award include Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega; former President Jimmy Carter; Maria Cristina Herrera, director of the Center for Cuban Studies; CCD founder and sociologist Alejandro Portes and others.
CCD began by manufacturing dies for the apparel and shoe trades and envelope and label industries.
The new CCD makes it possible to reproduce more natural picture images than a conventional CCD with a three-color filter, Sony said in a press release.
2-megapixel digital camera employing the new proprietary Super CCD SR sensor technology.
Its proprietary Super CCD technology has created new standards for exceptional digital camera imaging quality since 2000.
com), announces fourth-generation Super CD technology that will be marketed under two names--Super CCD HR (High Resolution) and Super CCD SR (Super Dynamic Range)--will appear in products later this year.