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NEAR-TERM POTENTIAL FOR UNSATISFACTORY RESOLUTION: The placement on Rating Watch Negative reflects continuing uncertainty surrounding the allocation of per pupil funds for the remainder of the 2011-12 academic year, as well as for recovery of delinquent funds owed by the district to CCCS to date.
CCCS director Delroy Corinaldi said: "Many households in Huddersfield - already struggling to cope - have seen their disposable income fall relentlessly this year and I am concerned that the added pressures of Christmas will push many further into the red.
The CCCS claims the average client owes pounds 28,000 to 11 different creditors, not including their mortgage.
Sometimes, it's not necessary to wait until debts are completely paid off--the Harrisons were able to get a home mortgage while still in the CCCS program.
Most state and local CCCS offices sponsor public education programs with free seminars and workshops on topics like debt management, credit repair, buying a home, shopping for a mortgage loan and household budgeting.
Standard Charter School Characteristics: Typical for the sector, CCCS faces periodic charter renewal risk; has a concentrated revenue base in enrollment related, state aid payments; and lacks a material financial cushion.
CCCS equity release manager Tom Moloney said: "Equity release can be a good solution for some retired people looking to deal with problem debts, but it should only be considered as part of a long-term retirement plan.
Far more are contacting the CCCS, which expects to do 170,000 sessions this year, 30% up on 2008.
By the time they came to CCCS for help, they owed over pounds 30,000 to 20 different creditors with arrears on their rent and water bills.
CCCS chairman Malcolm Hurlston said: "There is a danger in young people getting on to the housing ladder before they are ready financially.
The CCCS said it advises bankruptcy as the best option for 15% of its clients.
Chairman of CCCS Scotland Malcolm Hurlston said: "The level of debt relative to income among those on low incomes is a cause for concern.
CCCS chairman Malcolm Hurlston says: "If people who are already in difficulty find that life is getting harder despite a benign economy, it does not bode well for the future when there is a turn for the worse.
CCCS, which looked at more than 50,000 people who asked it for help, said men may not have acquired the day to day budgeting skills many women had, particularly as among couples women tended to take responsibility for how much they and their partners spent.
The environmental scan completed for the CCCS focused on emerging trends that may affect the school system in the next five years in the following categories: demographic, economic, and political.