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(cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2

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CBR is in discussions with partners to provide additional health services and access to clinical research which could also benefit patients and their families.
The citizens have voiced strong protest against this move by CBR saying they will challenge the order for slapping ban on commercial activities in the court as CBR wants to deprive them of their sources of livelihood.
The CBR continues to point out the risks of a dipper economic slowdown given the weak investment activity and sluggish external demand.
CBR threat for India is loud and clear given that Pakistan has become the locus of international terrorism making the threat that much more horrifying," said Dr.
The CBR 150R will be available in Standard ( at ` 1,16,385, ex- showroom Delhi) and Deluxe ( at ` 1,17,385) variants.
Clearly, CBR and Rosstat analyses show that Russia's consumers are doing well.
Our findings indicate that the participants in our study successfully used the KITE retrieval system and were capable of noticing differences in the results between traditional keyword searching and CBR search tools.
With a low price of pounds 2,499 and group six insurance, the CBR could go down as the turning point for teenage motorcycling.
With that low OTR price of pounds 2,349 and group 6 insurance the CBR could go down as the turning point for teenage motorcycling, kick-starting a new era that will give youngsters the chance to buy a bike that mimics the larger capacity sports bikes at a truly competitive price.
CBR is the industry's largest bank, with approximately 250,000 cryopreserved units at its Tucson facility.
Dever said the JSAP has been using Navywide CBR Defense Readiness Improvement Program (RIP) on ships for the past 15 months.
The concept of CBR was recommended by the World Health Organization as an antidote to the poor coverage of rehabilitation facilities in developing countries due to economic constraints (Scorzelli, 1995).
CBR appears to be the leading promoter of the "abortion is genocide" mantra and has sponsored a high-profile campaign to educate North American young people about this new "truth.
It has tremendous relevance to the tax survey currently being conducted by the CBR with the help of the army.
Based on the principle that similar problems have similar solutions, CBR helps physicians make real-time, evidence-based decisions both inside and outside of the operating room to improve patient outcomes.