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Synonyms for radio

medium for communication

transmit messages via radio waves

indicating radiation or radioactivity

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At the time ofthe CB craze, the FCC regulated CB radio, requiring all users to be licensed and to adhere to certain protocols dictating the content and format of CB transmissions.
As figure 2 makes strikingly clear, CB radio had been growing steadily from the late 1960s, but this growth exploded in the 1975-77 period.
Instead of changing the law, they would use CB radio to avoid getting caught breaking it.
Recognising their popularity, CB radios were legalised by the then Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw on November 2, 1981, with 40 channels FM ( a full band higher than the illegal sets ( and the craze grew.
While still at school, he invented the walkie-talkie at the age of 18 and 10 years later, CB radios hit America.
By the mid-1980's, the fad had died down, but million of motorists still use CB radios to listen for police activity and call for help when they travel.
Naples, FL, August 05, 2017 --( President Electronics, the world wide leader of CB Radios in the world announced today the launch of their new 10 Meter Radio the "JFK II A+" arriving North America later this month.
The McKinley USA is a 12/24 Volt, 40 Channel DIN sized CB Radio featuring AM/USB/LSB capabilities, front panel loudspeaker with President's unique ASC (Automatic Squelch Control), Murata filters, Automatic SWR (beep sound), Weather channel with Alert, a three color changeable large LCD display, VOX (hands free function) and much more.
President Electronics is the worldwide market Leader of CB Radios. Bringing millions of CB users and enthusiasts together for decades.
President Electronics USA COO, Kavi Sharma stated, "We are bringing awareness to our new line of CB radios, the Johnny III and Johnson II in the North American CB radio market.
Notably, he fails to appreciate the peculiar charms of Sam Peckinpah's Convoy, surely the only film that is simultaneously a Christian allegory, a vaguely anarchist political fable, and a feature-length adaptation of a novelty song about CB radios. (It isn't a good movie, but it's much better than any picture starring Kris Kristofferson and All MacGraw has a right to be.) But Van Doviak is a witty and astute student of these films, entertainments that could simultaneously reflect the values of both the American counterculture and its alleged opposite.
Naples, FL, January 07, 2019 --( President Electronics, the worldwide leader of CB Radios, announced today the launch of their newest 10 Meter radio the "RICHARD" arriving in North America later this month.
Naples, FL, December 09, 2017 --( President Electronics, the worldwide leader of CB Radios announced today the launch of their new 10/12 Meter Radio the "Ronald" arriving North America later this month.