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Steve Nordlund, vice president, Boeing Horizonx, said: "Our new CAV prototype builds on Boeing's existing unmanned systems capabilities and presents new possibilities for autonomous cargo delivery, logistics and other transportation applications.
regional property manager at Whittle Jones, welcomes Andrew Porteous, VP of business improvement for the CAV Group.
This effort will continue to assess the potential impacts of CAV applications--specifically SIAD and CACC--using emerging HIL tools and conduct closed field tests at FHWA's Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center as well as outside facilities.
4) His operation order (OPORD) to the leaders of 2-7 CAV followed in suit with regards to brevity.
ADX farmed out a 20% interest in the Lambouka Prospect Area to CAV in early 2010 to provide funding for the Lambouka #1.
Our affiliation enables Kilfrost to grant CAV Aerospace the right to market, distribute and sell TKS fluids to manufacturers of new aircraft that incorporate CAV ice protection.
With more then 400 man-hours invested in the project, the members of CAV had an additional gift for the orphanage.
The Navy and the Army currently use the CAV II system that provides visibility of items undergoing repair in commercial contract sites.
CAV II customers and components include the various services (Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force).
The CAV will be an unpowered, maneuverable, hypersonic glide vehicle capable of carrying about 1,000 pounds of munitions with a range of about 3,000 nautical miles.
Following the RAV procedure, all patients resumed a CAV schedule.
Under the CAV method, remanufacturers and resellers value cores at the lower of cost or market (LCM).
There are also various read/write modes used by these standards: CLV, CAV, P-CAV, and the most confusing of all, Z, which is sometimes referred to as Z-CAV and sometimes Z-CLV, which are, in effect, the same thing.
Since cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV), characterized by accelerated thickening of the inner lining of the coronary arteries, remains a major cause of late death in cardiac transplant recipients, tranilast may have the potential to enhance allograft survival by preventing CAV, they concluded.
To achieve the industry's fastest CD-R write speed, Yamaha developed the CRW2100 Series to take advantage of the partial Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) technology, a combination of CAV and standard Constant Linear Velocity (CLV), for optimum performance.