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the act of getting three players out on one play

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The cooperation with CATV is the important measures to implement V1 Group's media convergence strategy and promote 'the Belt and Road'.
Under this deployment, financial details of which were not available, EHIME CATV utilised the flexible and scalable Electra X3 media processor to encode UHD content using the HEVC Main 10 codec.
RFMD's broadband CATV products are designed to address these challenges and meet our customers' current and future needs for efficiency, size, and performance.
There are articles written by top CATV Industry Pros, Broadband Related Forums, a Photo Gallery as well as a Web-Cam Gallery of Cable TV Linemen and other Cable TV Industry Professionals doing their thing, Phone Number and Portfolio / Resume Listings of Cable TV Professionals.
But second, the "software" recommended for CCTV and CATV is as closely related as the hardware.
The number of CATV subscriber households that access the Web via CATV networks almost quadrupled to 780,000 households, it said.
Add to this the fact that the antenna is on the roof of the building and the CATV service enters in the basement and there's the potential for local ground point separations of hundreds of feet.
TriAccess Technologies' RFICs are the first to apply on-chip linearization fabricated in a single-die GaAs integrated circuit developed specifically for CATV networks.
RFMD's GaN CATV hybrid amplifiers provide industry-leading RF output levels, and cable operators using RFMD's GaN can reduce the number of amplifiers required in emerging architectures, also known as N+1 architectures, and achieve up to 20-percent cost savings in fiber deep networks.
This new TriAccess RFIC is the first to apply on-chip linearization fabricated in a single-die GaAs integrated circuit developed specifically for CATV networks.
While both cable operators and telecom operators (telco's) are deploying triple play services in their product offerings, this technology is likely to have a higher impact on the CATV test equipment markets.
Featuring the best programming directly from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, CATV is available on DIRECTV([R]) viewer channel 428 at no extra charge to customers who subscribe to the SELECCION EXTRA[TM] and above programming packages.
Changzhou CATV currently builds optical fiber network for HFC, ATM, GE networks.
In 2001, SARFT released The Tenth Five-year Program of Radio Film and Television Technology and constituted The Timetable of CATV to DTV.
Sirenza Microdevices (NASDAQ: SMDI) today announced the production release of a new CATV amplifier IC.