triple play

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the act of getting three players out on one play

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IRA: Perhaps we should quickly run through these different television notions: CATV, CCTV (Closed Circuit TV), and UHF.
The number of CATV companies that also offer Web access services more than doubled in the 12-month period through March 31 to more than 200, it said.
In return, the company received a 10-year contract under which it is the sole provider of all long distance, CATV, high speed Internet, PBX and data network services to students.
Es a partir de finales de los ochenta y mas francamente de la ultima decada de este siglo, que la CATV comienza a experimentar importantes cambios, atribuibles a dos factores basicos, bastante conocidos pero no por ello menos importantes.
In 1966, the commission stated its cause for concern about marketplace competition in ominous bureaucratic tones: "We must thoroughly examine the question of CATV entry into the major markets, and authorize such entry only upon a hearing record giving reasonable assurance that the consequences of such entry will not thwart the achievement of the congressional goals.
If, however, you have a CATV system similar to those being installed in many GM plants, you can, with no hardware or software changes, handle 1000 PCs up to 5 kM apart."
According to the cooperation agreement, popular Chinese TV series Ode to Joy, Beijing Youth and Jin Tailang's Happy Life, that are dubbed in Arabic by China Media Group, will be broadcast on Dubai-based CATV.
Gridsum announced that it has extended its contract with Beijing Gehua CATV Network, or BGCTV, and expanded the scope of service to include its data intelligence and visualization solutions.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 22, 2016-Viavi OneExpert CATV DOCSIS 3.1 field test solution selected by TDC Group
This represents an order-of-magnitude improvement in PoE's reach from its nominal 100 meters, and opens up a new range of applications for PoE equipment such as CATV cameras, Wi-Fi access points, small cells and digital signage.
Stuttgart, Germany, May 21, 2011 --( Western Europe posted over 182m TV households at end-2010, 40% of which are watching TV via terrestrial platforms, 27% via CaTV, and about 26% through satellite, either free-to-air or through paid subscription.
Headquartered in New Canaan, CT, Eldred Communications will focus on the sales of GMP products for the telecom, power utility, CATV and municipal markets, plus the contractors who serve these markets.
In addition to military systems, RFMD's GaN RF power technology delivers enhanced performance to a growing number of commercial power amplifier applications, including private mobile radio (PMR), 3G/LTE wireless infrastructure and CATV transmission networks.
An optional feature in MileGate 2011 is an integrated media converter for analogue and digital cable TV (CATV).