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an image produced by scanning


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And that is why we promised to install CAT scan machines in at least 37 hospitals countrywide," he said.
If the obstruction is a closed-loop obstruction, which includes small bowel volvulus, the CAT scan can demonstrate a swirl sign.
What we needed was a CAT scan to help us identify the different density of bone and material in Bili's head.
CAT scan studies showed brain injury in three of the 456 (0.7%) children with an isolated headache compared to 271 of the 6,089 (4.5%) of the children with a headache and other symptoms.
Divis is incorporating these and other advanced surgical procedures to streamline tooth replacement as well as full arch reconstruction in conjunction with 3D CAT scan treatment planning.
The method will also help bring closer the building of fully functional replacements for injured or diseased tissue that can be designed from CAT scan data using computer-aided design (CAD), printed in 3D at the push of a button, Daily Science reported.
Those with larger visceral fat depots (measured by CAT scan) had a 44 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease (largely heart attacks and strokes) and a 43 percent higher risk of cancer than those with smaller fat stores.
The BT software worker, who has undergone endoscopies, a cat scan, changed his diet, taken tranquillisers and seen a chiropractor in search of a cure, added that sometimes, he can't breathe for 30 seconds as it locks up his diaphragm.
My last CAT scan, my doctor at the CAT scan and everyone who sees this says that this is miraculous, absolutely miraculous,'' Franklin said in a phone interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday.
CAT scan of the chest illustrated right third through seventh rib fractures (at sternal junction and fourth rib fractured laterally).
Powell had come round by the time the ambulance reached the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham and he was later released after x-rays and a CAT scan came back clear.
A CAT scan of her skull could lead to a facial reconstruction of the virgin saint.
On December 1, 2008, Christina Rousseau went to MD Imaging, in Poughkeepsie, New York to undergo a PET scan and a CAT scan. Her husband and son accompanied her.
The man who brought African music to a wider audience on Graceland uses it again on Dazzling Blue but with modern sentiment as he says: "The CAT scan's eye sees what the heart's concealing".