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Austrian physicist and philosopher who introduced the Mach number and who founded logical positivism (1838-1916)


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Evaluation of the effects of chlorophyllin on apoptosis induction, inhibition of cellular proliferation and mRNA expression of CASP8, CASP9, APC and [beta]-catenin.
Improving physical realism, stereochemistry, and side-chain accuracy in homology modeling: four approaches that performed well in CASP8.
New studies are underway to determine whether the inclusion of additional elements into existing models, especially Gail model, such as mammographic density, weight gain, serum level of steroid hormones, and genetic variations (SNP-single nucleotide polymorphisms) associated with breast cancer (including the genes CASP8, MAP3K1, RAD51L1 and others) will improve the risk prediction (GARETH et al.
Initiator caspases (CASP2, CASP8, CASP9, and CASP10) cleave inactive pro-forms of effector caspases, thereby activating them.