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Symbol Gene ID Length (bp) Control expression NLRP1 22,861 5491 20 CASP4 837 1319 75 TLR2 7097 8147 61.43 TLR6 10,333 6683 60.31 NF[kappa]B 4791 3067 6298 HIF1A 3091 4070 5694 BIRC3 330 5174 227.6 Bcl2 596 5191 1546.17 Symbol Treatment expression log2 ratio (treatment/control) NLRP1 102 2.35 CASP4 253 1.75 TLR2 142.99 1.22 TLR6 124.52 1.04 NF[kappa]B 14,367 1.19 HIF1A 19,529 1.78 BIRC3 2297.57 3.33 Bcl2 383 -2.02 Symbol q value NLRP1 8.40E-15 CASP4 7.10E-24 TLR2 5.10E-09 TLR6 1.12E-06 NF[kappa]B 0 HIF1A 0 BIRC3 0 Bcl2 1.35E-164
Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was employed to evaluate the relative mRNA expression level using the following primers: BAG1 forward: 5'-CAGGGCAGCAGTGAACCA-3', and reverse: 5'-ACCCGGCAACCATCTTGT-3'; BCL2 forward: 5'- CTGGGAGAACAGGGTACGATAA-3', and reverse: 5'-GGCTGGGAGGAGAAGATGC-3'; TP73 forward: 5'-CTCGGGAGGGACTTCAACG-3', and reverse: 5'-CCTGTGGTGGCTCATAGG-3'; CASP1 forward: 5'-ATTACAGACAAGGGTGCT-3', and reverse, 5'-GAATAACGGAGTCAATCAAA-3'; LTBR forward: 5'- CAAAGATGAAGTTGGGAAGG-3', and reverse: 5'- GTTTCCTGCAGAGAGAAGGGTGGCT-3'; CASP4 forward: 5'- GCACAATGGGCTCTATCT-3', and reverse: 5'-CAGTCGTTCTATGGTGGG-3'; GAPDH forward: 5'-AAGAGCACAAGAGGAAGAGAGAGAC-3', and reverse: 5'-GTCTACATGGCAACTGTGAGGAG-3'.
cDNAs for human CASP1, CASP4, and CASP5 were obtained from Sino Biological Inc.
TABLA III PATRON DE LATENCIA DEL VIRUS EPSTEIN BARR Y NEOPLASIAS ASOCIADAS Latencia Genes virales Neoplasias asociadas expresados I EBNA-1 Linfoma de Burkit EBERs BARF II EBNA-1 Linfoma de Hodgkin EBERs Cancer nasofaringeo LMP-1 Linfoma periferico LMP-2 T/NK BARF III Todos EBNAs Linfomas asociados a EBERs SIDA LMP-1 Desordenes LMP-2 linfoproliferativos BARF Postransplantes TABLA IV GENES CANDIDATOS Y LINFOMAS FAMILIARES Via Genes Ciclo celular/ AICDA, BAX, BCL2,BCL2A1,BCL2L1,BCL2L2, BCL2L10, Apoptosis BCL2L11(BIM), BCL6, BCL7A, BCL7C, BCL10, CASP1, CASP14, CASP4, CASP5, CASP6, CASP7, CASP8AP2, CASP9, CCND1, LMO2, MYC, PIM1, RIPK1, RIPK2, TP53, TP53I.