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the head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate

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'The PSA [Philippine Statistics Authority] can use Capi in selected regions but hopes tablets can be procured in time so Capi can be done nationwide,' Edillon told the BusinessMirror.
Kitle caplarina gore gruplandirilan hastalarin yedisinde kitle capi uc santimetrenin ustunde; 11 hastada uc santimetrenin altinda bulundu.
In 2008, Peck and Peterson opened Capi's, a tapas restaurant, in the Pleasant Ridge Town Center.
Acquisition of the bone made of CaPi requires a defense mechanism that prevents CaPi from growing into large crystals in the extraosseous tissues and in the extracellular fluid.
CAPI is a non-profit launched in 2013 as a joint venture between Columbia Law School and the New York City Department of Investigation.
Sag ventrikul capi ve pulmoner velosite OHS olgularinda anlamli olarak yuksekti (sirasiyla p=0,015, p=0,012).
Di tutto cio e Belpoliti a parlare per primo affermando che l'impronta frazeriana discernibile nel testo della Decapitazione attiene alla questione della pratica rituale relativa ai sacrifici umani, compresi i sacrifici di chi detiene il potere, ovvero perlappunto di quelli che nel titolo e, in generale, nel testo di Calvino sono, con felice ambivalenza, denominati capi --felice ambivalenza perche il senso figurato, cioe metaforico se non metonimico, del termine capi in quanto governanti coesiste e reagisce con il significato letterale di teste mozzate in quanto parte integrante del sacrificio rituale.
"Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) removes the software overhead for processor communication with the I/O subsystem, allowing an accelerator to operate as part of an application.
"Capi" Caprioli, 86, passed away peacefully on January 23, 2014.
(6) Ayrica AU ile on kamara derinligi (OKD) arasinda pozitif, lensin on-arka capi arasinda ise negatif bir iliski oldugu da bilinmektedir.
The hastily arranged prayers, cremation and scattering of ashes in Vietnam's capital was for Capi, a 13-year-old dog that died that day after a battle with diabetes.
Netherlands-based airport electronics retailer, Capi, has announced that it has repackaged its MiTone offering.
Should such a transaction be completed, the consideration would remain (directly or indirectly) with NPC Egypt and not be included as part of the working capi