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separation of substances in solution by means of their unequal diffusion through semipermeable membranes

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CAPD was favoured by some units for diabetics because it was thought by avoiding exposure to heparin the risk of retinal bleeds would be reduced.
started CAPD training, and demonstrated a quick grasp of PD concepts and procedures.
A significant limiting factor in the growth of the number of people performing CAPD has been peritoneal dialysis related peritonitis (Troidle et al.
Patient was resumed on CAPD with 2L dialysate exchanges four times per day, without recurrence of pleural effusion for the subsequent 8 years of follow-up.
Randomized comparison of basic Y (BY) and freeline solo (FS) fluid transfer systems for CAPD.
The presence of CAPD can only be determined through utilizing a comprehensive battery of standardized audiological tests administered and interpreted by an audiologist; however, there are certain observed behaviors that can help identify at-risk children and adults.
We thought we might have to resort to CAPD just twice per day so that home care nurses could wholly manage the dialysis, but were certainly concerned about the impact of under-dialysis, as well as fluid reabsorption from such long dwell times.
Unlike peripheral hearing loss, which is caused by disorders of the structures of the ear, CAPD impairs the way the brain processes auditory information.
Socioeconomic factors did not appear to play a role in peritonitis rates or CAPD failure.
Mr McCarthy is looking for volunteers now on CAPD to test his products.
A new university course, READ 7285 Clinical Assessment and Instruction, was developed and co-taught by the University Team to focus on the assessment and treatment of CAPD and reading problems.
Given the facility's exceptional double and triple board-certified, full-time medical staff; comprehensive on-site diagnostic and multispecialty clinic suite; and in-house pharmacy equipped with a laminar flow hood, the facility already routinely cared for medically complex subacute and long-term residents requiring intravenous antibiotics, tracheostomies, hospice, and CAPD.
Although most disease was pulmonary, peritoneal TB in CAPD patients is relatively common, and the diagnosis should always be considered in patients with persistent conventional culture-negative peritonitis.