calcium oxide

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a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

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This CAO on de minimis or small value importations was approved recently by Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III to implement Section 423 of Republic Act 10863, or the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA).
De minimis, as defined in the CAO, is the value of goods for which no duty or tax is collected.
In addition to the licensing agreement, NMT Pharma has also signed a research agreement and a stock purchase agreement with CAO Pharma.
This is not the first claim made by officials at CAO regarding corruption.
By contrast, Canadian municipalities developed their version of the city manager or CAO system, almost by stealth.
NMT Pharma and CAO Pharma will enter into agreements that would secure funding needed by CAO Pharma to continue to operate and conduct clinical trials in the US.
By filing a lawsuit against CAO Group, we are taking steps to protect this investment and our business.
What I understand as an experienced president is that the scale must be balanced: If a CFO fails to think like a CAO, the institution can develop what I call a "living off your muscle" mentality.
Once the CNO has notified the family of their loved one's death, the CAO becomes their major source of information and, many times, of comfort, Amico said.
Many companies that do not currently have a CAO are likely to be adding one to their management roster in the future.
The company should identify a CAO with adequate experience and education to perform the function, and the person also should possess some objective evidence of competence through licensure or certification of accounting competence and continuing education in accounting.
Costing around 40,000 euros ($54,000), the CAO project is being funded by Italy's Lazio Region and the Frosinone Provincial Administration.
To establish this proposition, the CAO distinguishes between constitutions and statutes.
Conceptualizing the CAO Position: The General Manager Plan
Today, products made with CAO grains commonly are used in the search for improved grinding results.