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a musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text

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His "cantate" is not just a call, but a prayer and a genuflexion--to the Child.
The European annual canarygrass cultivar Cantate, a pubescent-hulled cultivar (Matus and Hucl, 1999), was used as the pollen source to quantify OC rates in 2001 and 2002.
In a Latin letter of the 13th of June 1778 he listed four of his operas (Adriano in Siria, Artasserse, Olympiade, II Lucio Vero (11)) as well as 12 Cantate by F.
Thereupon devolves the Lord's Prayer; an appointed Psalm; the appointed First and Old Testament Lesson, followed by the Magnificat of Mary in Luke 1 or the Cantate Domino (Psalm 98); and the appointed Second and New Testament Lesson, followed by the Nunc Dimittis of Luke 2 or the Deus Misereatur (Psalm 67).
de 'La Cantate a trois voix' (1912) a 'Poesies diverses' (1952).
In fact Pope helped to organize a subscription campaign for Bononcini's Cantate, and gained the support of Prince and Princess of Wales and their circle, along with the poet's closest friends.
Jerome's Vulgate, his Latin version of the Bible, dating from the late fourth century A.D.: De profundis clamavi ('Out of the depths have I cried [unto Thee]'), (23) Cantate Domino canticum novum ('O sing unto the Lord a new song'), (24) In te Domine speravi, non confundar in aeternum ('In Thee, o Lord, have I trusted; let me not be confounded forever').
Zenobius at the Florentine Cathedral During the Early Renaissance." In Cantate Domino: musica nei secoli per il Duomo di Firenze, eds.
No se trata pues de una simple mencion, sino de la elaboracion de imagenes mediante los elementos y los ritmos de este tipo de musica: "Te voy a regalar/ un par de palomas guarumeras/ Son moradas/ Como el caimito Cantate la cancion que/ Alfredo les hizo" ("Apacibles", 111).
This was La Cantate de Bisesero by Garrett List, a commemoration of a collective resistance and murder of 50,000 Rwandans in the Bisesero hills.
Even the Soft EQ feature that Carver so graciously engineered into the 490t couldn't help the closed-in sound of this recording "get out of the box." To be fair, it was much better-sounding than AudioSource's Cantate Domino CD in its original release, which might explain why this one wasn't traded in at the used record store years ago.