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a group of mountainous islands in the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Africa forming Spanish provinces

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CANARIE is a catalyst for advancements in areas such as "fibre optic networks", "fibre to the home networks", "DWDM", "bandwidth revolution", "customer-owned fibre networks", "affordable bandwidth", "dark-fibre networks", E-Learning and telemedicine.
According to the summary of proceedings from that event, "connecting California to CANARIE should be a high priority, as this powerful connection could serve as an enabling platform for all the other envisioned collaborations in our new Canada-California Partnership.
Last year, CANARIE experienced 83 percent growth in data traffic, going from 46,149 Terabytes to 84,630 Terabytes in just twelve months.
Beyond needing to push more traffic to smartphones or stream online videos, our work with CANARIE highlights the capabilities of its 100G-ready network and the real impact high-capacity networking can have on improving research collaboration to accelerate discoveries in science, medicine, education, renewable energy and other disciplines.
We were very pleased to participate in this groundbreaking exercise with SGI, and we enjoyed working with their experienced personnel," said Peter Marshall, director of network applications at CANARIE.
CANARIE is a non-profit corporation supported by membership fees, with major funding of its programs and activities provided by the Government of Canada.
Established in 1993, CANARIE is a non-profit corporation, with major investment in its programs and activities provided by the Government of Canada.
Paul McVeigh then pulled one back and the Canaries proceeded to make a game of it in the closing stages before Mark Bower put the result beyond doubt with Bradford's fourth a minute from time.
Thieves have stolen 90 show canaries worth pounds 8,000 from a couple's home.
Disappointment for the Canaries and hardly the ideal preparation for next week's East Anglian derby visit to Ipswich.
Testing of six adult male zebra finches, which do not modify their songs, revealed projection neuron increases roughly comparable to those observed among canaries injected in May.
Tenerife, a province of Spain, is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, and benefits from the so-called Canaries cold-stream, which has an extraordinary moderating effect on its climate (yearly temperatures range from 64 degrees to 78 degrees and from the refreshing trade winds, so greatly appreciated by seafarers.
But the hard-fought 1-1 tie did not hide the fact that all is not well with the Yellow Canaries -- the nickname of Fenerbahce -- even though they are still four points ahead of defending champion and archrival Galatasaray.