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a canned meat made largely from pork

unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk)

send unwanted or junk e-mail

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27 percent of all unsolicited commercial emails complied with the CAN-SPAM Act requirements.
The Email Marketing CAN-SPAM Compliance whitepaper provides marketers with many valuable insights, including:
com from, among other things, accessing or using MySpace for any commercial purpose or to send unsolicited emails in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act.
The CAN-SPAM Act, which preempts all existing and pending state laws on spam except to the extent that such laws prohibit falsity or deception in commercial e-mail messages, requires commercial e-mailers to conduct their business according to certain minimum standards.
These ISPs will need to use their newfound enforcement powers to show CAN-SPAM can reduce the spam problem.
Rhodes recommends that the CAN-SPAM Act use existing sentencing guidelines that cover theft, embezzlement, receipt of stolen property, property destruction, and offenses involving fraud or deceit.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center calls CAN-SPAM, the only bill to so far pass through one of the houses of Congress, "weak".
While the act provides some enforcement value, CAN-SPAM is powerless against the increased sophistication of botnets.
This is a marked increase in the amount of spam hitting the Internet when compared with the volume three years ago when the CAN-SPAM act went into effect.
LashBack's CAN-SPAM Compliance Monitor enables us to observe all of our affiliates and be notified automatically of any irregularities.
Further the only political emails that were globally blocked as spam were first analyzed by engineers at Barracuda Networks and were then determined to be in violation of the Federal CAN-SPAM act in some way.
With the passage of CAN-SPAM, interest in, and furor around, responsibly and effectively using e-mail as a marketing medium dwindled, but the discussion is hardly over.
Current compliance rates for the CAN-SPAM Act hover under one percent Co a significant erosion from past years' averages of 3 percent to 4 percent.
Email marketing industry thought leaders Dave Lewis, vice president of market development for StrongMail Systems, and Ken Takahashi, vice president of corporate development for Return Path, will address the momentum around email authentication and how it fits together with CAN-SPAM to create a framework for marketers to manage their brand reputations.
E[acute accent]Additionally, hiring TrendEx Media takes care of federal CAN-SPAM requirements while allowing an intermediary to manage complaints and list clean-up.