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a canned meat made largely from pork

unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk)

send unwanted or junk e-mail

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enacting CAN-SPAM, rapid technological and marketplace developments can
(57) The Can-Spam Act also requires "warning labels" to be placed on spam containing "sexually oriented material." (58) However, as the FTC aptly points out: Mandatory subject line labeling ...
CAN-SPAM laws, chances are you've got most bases covered.
The IRS FOIA Awareness webpage advises that registrants who receive unwanted solicitations as a result of the information release may contact the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection to determine whether the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 applies and, if so, how to report violations.
and Canadian laws is that CAN-SPAM is limited to email, whereas CASL covers instant messages and text messages as well as social media messages when a sender is pushing the message to a recipient instead of the recipient pulling it from an online server.
Facebook based its lawsuit on the grounds that Power Ventures had committed several violations involving 1) the federal CAN-SPAM Act, 2) Section 502 of the California Penal Code, and 3) the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the federal counterpart to California's Section 502.
This stands in direct contrast to the U.S.'s CAN-SPAM Act, which requires an opt-out policy rather than an opt-in policy.
It's against federal law--the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 specifically--and it's completely ineffective.
Legal pressure, such as the CAN-SPAM Act and the Do Not Call Registry, forced organizations to back off.
The agency charged him with violating the FTC Act and the CAN-SPAM Act.
Even if a nonprofit uses an ESP to manage its email marketing, it is still held accountable to the regulations set forth in 2003's CAN-SPAM Act, Franklin said.
By the way, the CAN-SPAM Act is one thing, but your media company brand gets destroyed by these kinds of hijinks.
The court came up with the $711 million figure by awarding $50.00 per violation of the CAN-SPAM Act.