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a town in northern France on the Strait of Dover that serves as a ferry port to England

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And the company has brought motor production in house, not only for quality control, but because it was cost-effective, said Caler. The units were said to be dirt-resistant, energy-efficient, quieter, more powerful, never in need of oiling and longer-lasting.
Several areas of IT are to be handled by the NMCI, according to Caler. They include:
Skinner was convicted in 1995 of strangling and bludgeoning to death his live-in girlfriend, Twila Busby, and stabbing to death her two adult sons, Elwin Caler and Randy Busby.
(26.) Ghedin E, Wang S, Spiro D, Caler E, Zhao Q, Crabtree J, et al.
Ennemi declare de "la finance" mais promettant une rigueur budgetaire necessaire a la reduction de la colossale dette francaise, Francois Hollande a prevenu mercredi qu'il n'entendait pas "caler (sa) politique economique sur celle de la projection du FMI", dont la prevision de croissance est moins optimiste que la sienne (1% en 2013 contre 1,7% pour les deux favoris du scrutin).
Ward, C.P., Redd, K., Williams, B.M., Caler, R.J., Luo, Y., McCoy, J.G., 2002.
Victoria Caler, Vornado's marketing manager, agreed sales of fans with remote controls have reached a plateau.
Lange, Department of Biology, Louis Cohen, Department of Psychology, Brian Gallagher, Department of Biology, and Jeff Caler, Department of Psychology, Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI 48710-0001; 517/790-4336;
Cette premiere de Babya dans la plus prestigieuse des competions continentales des clubs, qui sera officiee par un quatuor tunisien, s'annonce certes indecise mais les coequipiers de l'international gabonais Samsun Mbingue, de retour de la CAN et qui sera probablement aligne d'entree en raison de son experience, ont des arguments a faire valoir pour ne pas caler au demarrage.
"Crime scene evidence also showed that Skinner was responsible for the stabbing deaths of Randy Busby and Elwin 'Scooter' Caler."