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West Indian tree having racemes of fragrant white flowers and yielding a durable timber and resinous juice

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(2) Centro Astronomico Hispano Aleman, Calar Alto (CSIC-MPG), C/JesUs Durban Reman 2-2, 04004 Almeria, Spain
A diferencia de Calar (2.700 msm) con recursos pecuarios y agrarios combinados, en Tulor-1 el tono agrario habria sido efectivamente mas determinante de acuerdo a los limites calidos para la crianza de camelidos (Figura 1).
Both samples were observed with the PMAS spectrograph [25]inthe PPAK mode [26, 27] on the 3.5 m telescope in Calar Alto with similar setup, resolutions, and integration times, covering their optical extension up to ~2.4 effective radii within a wavelength range ~3700-7000 A.
The astrophysicists are Joao Alves, director of the Calar Alto Observatory in Almeria, and his colleague Andreas Burkert, from the German observatory in the University of Munich.
Calar-Alto-Schmidtspiegel 0.80 m f/3.0 Schmidt Fork equatorial Calar Alto, Spain 37[degrees] 13' N 2[degrees] 2,168 m 33' W The Calar Alto Observatory Schmidt has been in its present location since 1980.
Dirk Froebrich, a lecturer at the University of Kent, later used archival images from the Calar Alto Observatory in Spain to measure the speeds and directions of a large number of jets by comparing them with their positions in the new images.
Spain's 3.5-m Calar Alto holds a different distinction.