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The CAG audit report slammed the previous Hooda government for not recovering ` 41.
Joshi launched a defence of the CAG contending that the auditor had never said the estimate on presumptive losses to the exchequer were final.
As part of this change, CAG has stratified many of its business operations by market, as opposed to instrument.
City Manager Robert `Bud' Ovrom said the deal is being offered as incentive to get CAG Investments to build a dealership in Burbank.
As the CAG sequences get shorter and shorter, your risk of developing prostate cancer gets higher and higher.
The primary role in this matter is that of the CAG and they work in their own way.
CAG recognises that airlines commit significant investment into their long-haul flights, hence CAG will be offering landing rebates on these flights to help share airlines costs.
The BJP had made a song and dance about the CAG report.
Among 178 people with 30 to 40 CAG repeats in the gene, 10 individuals having 36 to 39 repeats had no signs of the disease, even though they were all more than 67 years old, report David C.
Coming down heavily on the State's management of its finances, the CAG has also brought to light irregularities in the form of non- or short levy, short realisation, underassessment of loss of revenue, incorrect computation, concealment and suppression of turnover worth ` 5,411 crore over the last five years.
Huntington's and other triplet repeat diseases strike at younger ages and more severely in subsequent generations as the number of CAG or CCG repeats increases.
From objecting to an undue benefit of Rs 667 crore for Essar Oil and RIL in the purchase of diesel from private refineries to seeking a review of the Mumbai airport development programme and pulling up the IAF for wasting money in upgrading its Mig- 27 combat jets, the CAG was in overdrive on Friday as it tabled 11 reports in Parliament on a single day.
Earlier the CAG asked for the revenue sharing details from the private telecom operators.
The CAG was Lord Krishna when it came to the 2G scam, but when it comes to malnutrition, how did they become the villains?
These neurodegenerative disorders occur when certain genes contain too many repetitions of a brief DNA sequence abbreviated CAG.