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A la hora de realizar las consultas en la aplicacion informatica de que dispone el CAES, hemos tenido en cuenta las variables L1 (lengua materna u origen) y nivel de dominio linguistico o grado de conocimiento de la lengua objeto--el espanol--(A1-C1), y hemos prescindido de otras variables linguisticas, personales y sociales.
The S- CAES (Small scale-Compressed Air Energy Storage) system is operated in low pressure (not more than 10 bars).
Not satisfied with the limits of traditional CAES, Lewis had an inspired thought while gazing across a lake: Instead of using the solid walls of an underground cavern, why not use the considerable weight of water in a lake or ocean to hold compressed air under high pressure?
Dresser-Rand designed and supplied the entire turbomachinery train and controls for the first CAES plant in North America a only the second of its type in the world.
Integrating the CAES into the 618th required training for both operators and surveyors.
Using CAES to more closely control bench elevation also has provided significant benefits: With the average shovel-cut margin of error reduced from 40 to 20 centimeters following CAES installation, the ability to excavate the mine's 50-foot-high benches to the correct elevation has resulted in blasting and explosives cost reductions.
The entire loading fleet of P&H rope shovels, except for one MkI 2800, is equipped with CAES.
Hickey, who has been interested in the policies that shape agriculture since her days with the FFA Chapter of Stephens County High School in Toccoa, decided to use the legislative internship as a capstone experience for her CAES career.
There are a large number of gas turbine makers, but only a few are willing to work with CAES because it only uses the back end of a conventional turbine," said Paul Denholm, a senior analyst in energy forecasting and modeling at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colo.
The mine's support equipment includes a variety of tractor and wheel dozers (including a Komatsu 475 and a Caterpillar D10, which share the use of the fifth CAES system), water trucks, graders, wheel loaders, maintenance equipment and a 270 t/h portabl e crushing plant to provide road base and material for the over liner to be used on the leach pads.
Caterpillar's CAES integrates planning and design, and it offers a means for engineers and managers to show equipment operators exactly what they are doing in relation to the plan.
The CAES facility includes office space with under-floor air distribution, hydrogen labs, advanced materials labs, imaging suites, radio chemistry labs, analytical instrumentation labs, chemistry labs, systems modeling, visualization/power wall, CAVE, instrument shop/repair and office space.
This converts the data to a format compatible with the CAES onboard software - a CAT file - which it then sends to the machine across the radio link.
The basic mechanical components that comprise a simple CAES generating plant are an air compressor, turbine, and motor/generator unit.