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Synonyms for cad

someone who is morally reprehensible

software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing

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The golden age of the cad though has to be the 1950s and 1960s when Terry Thomas was making his many films.
He had the full cad ensemble including his distinctive voice, as well as using a monocle, waistcoat and cigarette holder.
Of the group that had CADS at baseline, a greater percentage had elevated levels of anxiety, depressive symptoms, and CADS at 12 and 24 months than did the group that did not have CADS at baseline
"[The] CADS group had elevated levels of state anxiety, depressive symptoms, and CADS at all follow-up measure moments in the 2 years after baseline, compared with the non-CADS group," the researchers said.
This specialization is most valued by our customers - bringing them a number of objective advantages, a helpful and professional partnership to their business," says Jan Binter, executive director of the company CAD Studio.
Last year, CAD Studio further strengthened its partnership with Autodesk, received the highest, Platinum partner level and specializations in four key areas.
Elysium is supplying and implementing CADporter software to translate CAD model geometry and CADpdm software to control updating and versioning, and manipulate attributes within the CAD file.
"The ability to translate CAD model geometry has become almost common-place in industry," said Ken Tashiro, VP and COO, Elysium Inc.
Mr Cenek Cerny, Director of Dagis, was appointed Executive Director of CAD Studio a.s.