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Words related to calcification

a process that impregnates something with calcium (or calcium salts)

tissue hardened by deposition of lime salts

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an inflexible and unchanging state

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They found that CAC was more common in people living in city centres, rather than urban or rural areas.
The study not only showed that metformin had a preventive effect on CAC progression, but also provided a window on the natural history of CAC progression over 1 year in these HIV-infected patients with metabolic syndrome, she said.
The CAC is the DoD's vehicle to HSPD-12 compliance, and improvements are being made to the CAC to comply with FIPS-201.
The CAC program has been recognized with major industry awards and is widely viewed as the best program of its type in the world.
In failing to call for mandatory labeling, the CAC is virtually alone among consumer groups active on the issue.
The CAC is a priority effort across the Department of Defense.
We know [the relocated residents can't vote], and that's why we are trying to keep them in the loop," said Mary Wiggins, the newly elected CAC president and the LAC president from the South Side's Washington Park Homes.
In fact, the CAC is not only replacing military ID cards, but also those of the DOD civilian work force and many contract personnel.
While CAC asked all contributors to fill out employer and occupation information with their contribution, the vast majority simply didn't, Cicero says.
CAC shareholders seeking more information about this acquisition are advised to contact Carl Stine at (212) 451-9631 or cstine@wolfpopper.
Forex trading platform iFOREX has expended its tradable products by incorporating the CAC 40 index.
For those who already had CAC, the level of CAC increased during follow-up.
When the need arises to run larger core diameters than a particular unwind or rewind setup can handle, CAC CORLOK core adapters can be used to effectively handle those larger cores.
The relative risk of an MI was increased 17-fold in those with at least a 15% per year rise in CAC score.