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Words related to calcification

a process that impregnates something with calcium (or calcium salts)

tissue hardened by deposition of lime salts

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an inflexible and unchanging state

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He said that CAC Pakistani promises to display and convince the use of modern technologies developed over the period of time through research and development in the field of agriculture.
He said that leading groups and companies of Pakistan associated with different sub-sectors of agriculture had also confirmed their participation in CAC Pakistan.
A statement by the Cardiff Athletic Club management committee reads: "For the last three years, CAC have held constructive negotiations with Cardiff Blues regarding a new lease to allow the redevelopment of the Arms Park to secure the future of first class and importantly for CAC, semi-professional rugby for Cardiff RFC.
Hunt began the process of choosing a CAC solution by determining three criteria for the ideal CAC vendor with the following:
Whether any kind of general screening for CAC is warranted needs further study, although we suggest that a strategy in which all individuals aged 32 to 46 years are screened is not indicated.
The barcode found on the front of the CAC contains PII for the individual CAC holder, including an individual's name, full Social Security Number (SSN), and the Department of Defense Identification number (DoD ID).
Among the 545 subjects deemed at low cardiovascular risk because they weren't eligible for statin therapy according to the 2013 ACC/AHA guidelines, 209 would be recategorized as high risk on the basis of a CAC score at or above the 80th percentile adjusted for age and sex.
CAC was founded by John Cecconi, Bill Cumbelich and Gary Arabian, who provide sales and leasing expertise and Mary Wiese who joined later launched the firm's property management business.
According to the buyer, the addition of CAC, which manages office properties in downtown San Francisco, the greater Bay area as well as the Seattle/Bellevue area, will cement its presence as the premier real estate firm in San Francisco.
Para obtencao das diferentes granulometrias de CAC foram utilizadas tres peneiras com malhas entre 1 e 2 mm, de 0,5 a 1 mm e de 0,25 a 0,5 mm.
The recent inclusion of this pair to our trading platform provides the opportunity for traders to benefit from the constant movement of CAC 40 index while diversifying one's trading portfolio.
Despite the fact that none of the participants showed any symptoms of heart disease, 43 percent of the total had CAC.
Although a high CAC score is associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, no studies have evaluated cardiovascular outcomes of CAC-guided treatment, so its value remains theoretical.
Today RSVP-TE uses classical threshold CAC algorithm while making decision whether to set-up new LSP or not, and is not able to provide selective flow control for dynamic LSP set-up.