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Application and data transparency is ensured by CA-OpenIngres/Star, a feature that allows end users to have access to CA-OpenIngres data, no matter where the information physically resides, across distributed servers.
It supports Oracle7, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase System 11 and CA-OpenIngres.
DSS is the leading worldwide vendor of client/server sales and marketing automation solutions that supports a range of database applications including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, CA-OpenIngres.
NYSE: CA), Tactica Corporation today announced a mobile client-server solution based on CA-OpenIngres and CA-OpenROAD combined with Tactica's Caprera.
It is compatible with popular relational database management (RDBMS) systems such as Oracle, Informix, Sybase and CA-OpenIngres.
28, the headline should read "Strength of SIRS and CA-OpenIngres" rather than "Strength of Sirs and CA-Openingres.
CTD provides native database connectivity to Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, SQLBase, DB2, CA-OpenIngres and ODBC.
OpenLink Software's Driver Suite supports the following database engines: Oracle (7 and 8), Informix (5, 6, and 7), Sybase, CA-OpenIngres, Progress, Unify 2000 and others.
BMC Software already provides management support for CA information management solutions through the PATROL Knowledge Module(TM) for CA-OpenIngres, which provides robust monitoring and management of CA's popular relational database.
According to Paquet, Sages has already increased its sales, consulting and technical staff to support new CA-Unicenter and CA-OpenIngres clients.
Computer Associates Welcomes Leading Sales/Marketing Software Vendor To CA-OpenIngres Business Partner Program
CA-OpenIngres is the multi-platform relational DBMS designed for mission-critical business processing.
JavaScript allows Internet applications to easily connect to production databases such as CA-OpenIngres, while Java allows easy-to-use, multi-platform Web clients for CA-Unicenter and business applications such as CA-Masterpiece, CA- ManMan/X and CA-Accpac.
CA-OpenIngres Users Gain High Performance Data Access
In addition, UniSQL transparently integrates legacy data from Oracle, Sybase, CA-OpenIngres, Informix, and other databases.