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Synonyms for ethylene

a flammable colorless gaseous alkene

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Gas Chromatography (GC) system that will be able to detect C02, 02 and C2H4 With the detection limits described below: C02 0.
042 mol C2H4 h-1 mL-1 at 0 mg L-1 urea-N and the ARA was totally inhibited at 300 mg L-1 urea-N.
Paralelamente hubo aumento de la tasa de produccion de C2H4, que entre el 6 y 7 dia ya habia practicamente doblado la tasa de produccion, ciertamente ejerciendo efecto sobre la firmeza del caqui.
However, unsupported Ni catalyst presented very stable and active performance for C2H4 decomposition which they associated with higher activity demand for CH4 dissociation than C2H4 decomposition.