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a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis

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OVO-like proteins (OVOLs) are transcribed from ubiquitously conserved genes encoding a C2H2 zinc finger transcription factor in mammals [37].
A mitochondrial origin for eukaryotic C2H2 zinc finger regulators?
[16] Feil S, Bacher A, Zangerl M, Schustereder W, Gluch K, Scheier P (2004) Discrimination effects for ions with initial kinetic energy produced by electron ionization of C2H2 in a Nier-type ion source.
In case of ZFNs, while examples abound with respect to the binding efficiency of canonical C2H2 binding domain containing ZFNs, investigations on the utility of noncanonical ZFNs such as those containing C3H1 binding domain have demonstrated high levels of binding efficiency [88].
Rodriguez-Valera, "A mitochondrial origin for eukaryotic C2H2 zinc finger regulators?" Trends in Microbiology, vol.
Transcription factors (TFs) such as MYB, bZIP, C2H2, and NAC were expressed to a greater degree in plants under drought [7].
Owing to the arrangement characteristics of the ZNF motifs, the ZNF proteins can be divided into at least seven categories, namely, Cys2His2 (C2H2), Cys4, Cys6, Cys4HisCys3, Cys3HisCys4, Cys2HisCys and Cys3His, which play key roles as either subunits of transcription proteins, splicing factors, or DNA damage repair proteins (Pennisi., 2003).
Transcription factors such as bZIP, MYC, WRKY, AP2, NAC, C2H2 zinc finger gene, and DREB families are important to control gene expression (Wang et al.
Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) approach was used to study the effect of GA-mediated seed priming on the expression of two stress responsive genes, OsZat 12-1 (LOC_Os01g62130 also called ZOS1-14 - C2H2 zinc finger protein) and OsZat 12-9 (LOC_Os01g62190 also called ZOS1-15 - C2H2 zinc finger protein).
Carbide waste contains calcium material that is a by-product from the production of acetylene gas (C2H2).
Although obtained in a different population and using thoracic impedance, the reliability data reported herein for both exercise modes (Results and Table 4) are similar to those reported from maximal exercise testing in adults using direct Fick (5-10%), C2H2 rebreathing (5-8%), and Doppler echocardiography (5-8%) (Warburton et al., 1999).
(2014) compared the toxicity of [As.sub.2][O.sub.3], NaAs[O.sub.2], and monomethylarsonous acid (MMAIII) in the context of zinc finger peptides and found that [MMA.sup.III] changed the conformation and displaced zinc in C2H2, C3H1, and C4 zinc finger proteins isolated from human keratinocyte HaCaT cells.
The positive regulatory domain I-binding factor 1 and retinoblastoma protein-interacting zinc finger gene homology domain containing (PRDI-BF1 and RIZ homology domain containing, PRDM) family is a novel transcription regulator containing a N-terminal positive regulatory domain, followed by six deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)-binding C2H2 zinc finger domains involved in human tumorigenesis.