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a substance that retards or stops an activity

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8) ACE inhibitors also unmask C1 inhibitor deficiency.
Evidence-based recommendations for the therapeutic management of angioedema owing to hereditary C1 inhibitor deficiency: consensus report of an International Working Group.
Klasik herediter AE (HAE), anjiyotensin donusturucu enzim (ADE) Inhibitorlerine bagli olusan AE, C1 inhibitor eksikligi ile birlikte olan edinsel AE (EAE) ve normal C1 inhibitor duzeyi ile birlikte olan HAE gibi bazi AE formlari ise bradikinin ve kompleman komponentleri ile iliskili olarak ortaya cikabilir (1-6).
3 g/l), a reduced C1 inhibitor level of 62 mg/l (195 to 440 mg/l) and a reduced C1 inhibitor activity level of 107 u/l at 37C (477 to 923 u/l), all of which confirmed the diagnosis of C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency.
Frequent de novo mutations and exon deletions in the C1 inhibitor gene of patients with angioedema.
Symptoms, course, and complications of abdominal attacks in hereditary angioedema due to C1 inhibitor deficiency.
The protein blots were transferred to nitrocellulose paper for immunoblotting with antihuman factor H, antihuman factor B, antihuman [alpha]-1B-glycoprotein, antihuman protease C1 inhibitor, or antihuman [beta]-actin antibody (Abcam).
It is a consequence of either a deficiency (type 1-85% of affected families) or a dysfunction (type 2) of C1 inhibitor (C1-INH)-a protein that prevents complement activation by both the classic route and the mannan-binding pathway.
An autosomal dominant disorder, hereditary angioedema is caused by a problem with the gene for a protein called C1 inhibitor (C1-INH).
Pharming Group NV, Leiden, The Netherlands, announced it has received orphan drug designations for recombinant human C1 inhibitor (rhC1INH) from the FDA for treatment of two separate disease indications - the prevention and/or treatment of Delayed Graft Function (DGF) after solid organ transplantation and the treatment of Capillary Leakage Syndrome (CLS).
The swelling in angioedema resembles what happens in patients with a C1 inhibitor deficiency, which is known to be caused by excess bradykinin production, said Harold J.
Liquicbek Immunology Control for testing serum proteins has eight new analytes, including ADNaseB, C1 Inhibitor, Cystatin C, IgG Subclasses 1-4 and Lipoprotein(a).